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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Forever Friends Sunday Week 31

Wow! Week 31! I have done good with this. I hope you did not miss a Forever Friends card last week. I had been busy. No, I have not missed a number. I realised after last week, it was nice to put a change on the blog. Or there may be week where I can not make a card for whatever reason. But I will try to make a card every Sunday. So I actually counted all the sundays I have posted a card, and there are 31 Sundays.

Did you watch X Factor last night? How tactical and rude of Louis Walsh and Tulisia to slam another artist for being big headed, arrogant and bullying! They know none of their acts come up anywhere close to Misha B's and Misha B is a threat to their contestants. They also know viewers are easily influenced by what they say. If they say an act is good.  If they claim an act is bigheaded, bingo - that is what people will say. And bingo that is a lot of people are saying now, no one was saying that before tonights show. I can not believe Louis and Tulisia do that to bring bad press to her. She don't seem too confident to me, she is what the judges say a complete package. And Gary is right - what happens backstage happens backstage.

I also agree with a lot of the viewers comments, they do not let the talent through to the shows.

How many acts today are in the charts these days who are known for the diva and bratty ways. In addition, how many X Factor finalists who won the show are actually still around, apart from Leona Lewis. Joe Mcelderry was dropped. It is because people go with the sympathy vote, they deserve a chance and when their song hits the charts they flop cos they do not have the X Factor or any talent. When real talent wins the shows,they do well such as Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis. I do not think X Factor works in the UK, cos people vote for their acts, but once the show is over they are forgotten about and do not carry on with their support.

Let real talent win. Sorry I had to get this of my chest. Anyways, onto todays card. I can not remember where I had the inspiration for this one from, but I hope you like it.

Products used:
Forever Friends Good Life Retro Collection Ultimate Decoupage Pack
Blue Cardstock


Riet said...

Gorgeous card,I love the image and yje colours.

Hugs Riet.xx

Jackie said...

A fabulous card Sarpreet. Sorry I don't watch X Factor so can't comment on your views :o)
Jackie xx

tilly said...

a beautiful card, sorry, do not watch x factor, not my thing lol, hope the leg is better

Riet said...

So gorgeous card,I love the image and the colours.

Hugs Riet.xx

Sandra said...

Your card is just gorgeous:) Sandra H