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Monday, 30 August 2010

Penny Black At All Sorts Challenge

EDIT: For those who have popped on here from WOYWW, please accept my apologies I did not think Mr Linky had worked so i deleted the post. Normal services will resume next week.

This month the challenge at Penny Black At Allsorts is Glam and Glitter. There is plenty of Glam and Glitter here. I am using one of the new Penny Black Stamp Set - 'Winter Whites and Green'. I am also applying for the DT position there. Wish me luck! Here is my card - although I went to enter this but their Mr Linky has expired.

I am also entering this into Crafty Card Makers challenge which is to draw inspiration from Lady Gaga's video. I like the white background in the opening shot against Lady gaga's gold coloured dress. This is the colour combination I have used. I have never done that before - drawing inspiration from a video - Great idea girls.

Products used:
Penny Black - Winter Whites and Green Stamp Set
Gold Mirror Board
Gold Adhesive Gems
Papermania Gold Embossing Powder
White and Gold Glitter

Friday, 27 August 2010

The Best Plans...

I had a plan to complete a challenge card for Penny Black saturday challenge and combine it with the Penny Black Challenge at Allsorts using one of the new Penny Black 2010 christmas stamp sets.  However despite all my efforts I did not complete the card nor the requirement of gliiter for the All sort challenge.

I have come to my sister in laws, and will be back home tomorrow, I will complete the card and post it on the blog my late Saturday / Sunday.

At the moment, I am shattered and in need of sleep.

I am in a panic state, I am demoing the new Christmas range from docrafts, how do you prepare for a demo in three days when it normally takes a good 2 to three weeks at least. And some days for the inspiration to start falling at my lap.  I have the last promotion stuff to fall on.

Docrafts had  promised Kims Craft a full supply of the september 2010 promotion range today, but only the stickers and bits and bobs arrived. None of the items that I expected to arrive, did arrive. Therefore whilst here this weekend, I will visit a few local docraft stockists to see if they have anything in addition to give me a head start. Before docrafts would have their items out in the shop as soon as possible - but these days it is very hard to get any sort of sneak peak at the promo or get the item.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, I could not manage to complete this post last week or take the pictures in time. But I have got it done now and had withdrawal symptons missing out on it!

A while ago I showed the rest of my craft storage in my room and the many craft items I hold. Well do you remember this picture?
In the two green drawer set from Matalan - never been able to find another set. I hold all my clear stamps and slap sticks from Penny Black. This week, I decided to show the contents of my top draw. Below are pictures of all the stamps in this one draw:

As you can see there is a lot of stamp sets from Papermania / docrafts - the Daisy and Dandelion Range and all their friends, Forever Friends, Clare Curds Signature Range, V&A, Penny Black, Born to Shop, Limited Edition Stamp Sets.

As always I will pop around to your blogs. If you like what you see, please become a follower and I will become a follower of your blog too. For those who left messages about your blogs, I will pop around this week. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this weeks snoop.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

U Mount Foam - Warning

I won some Creative Expression stamps, and bought u foam mount to back it up with. I read the instructions and decided to follow! BIG MISTAKE. The instructions tell you to cut each stamp out then place it on the u mount foam, cut it foam out bigger than the stamp, then take the sticky side out, stick the stamp on. Then cut it again. Each U foam mount sheet can cover the back of 2 sets of stamps. Following their instructions is time wasting, and you get sticky scissors, and you will end up using two sheets for two set of stamps instead of one.

I found it easier to stick the whole of the stamp sheet onto the u foam mount - then, cut it out. No sticky scissors, and no cutting the image out three times.

Monday, 23 August 2010


I did not realise until today that the card I posted on Friday I had already posted! Whoops! Oh well, you got to see it twice!

I was asked to do a card for a Uncle's 90th who likes gardening. I went on a search through all my stamps to see if I could find anything to suit this occasion.  However, there was no luck. I decided to use the Go Green Range of papers, as the colours also fit a masculine theme even if the papers were meant for the images of the ladies in the Born to Shop Range. I struggled with that to decide if that would suit a mans card.

In the end i sketched this image, and enjoyed doing it. Coloured it in with promarkers. Hope you like.
Products used:
Born To Shop Go Green Papers
Papermania Serif Alphabet Stamp Set
Born to Shop Garden Beauty Stamp Set
Perfect Medium Ink Pad
Clare Curds Signature Range - Sentiment Stamp Set

Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Second Award In Matter of Days

I also received this 'One Lovely Blog Award' from Jules and Dianne, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

The rules of accepting this award are:
1. Name three things that you love about yourself
2. Pass the award onto 7 other people.

Three things I love about myself:
1. The number of craft items I have including stamps. (Also the thing I hate about myself - I have enough stash to last me a lifetime).

2. I love my photography skills, it sure pays off with gorgeous photos.

3. I love the Wii fit me, I enjoy doing the activity. And after many years I have learnt to love myself, and those around me. I have learnt to spend time on oneself.

Since I received the award twice, I am going to pass this onto 14 others:
4. Ruth
10. Kelly
11. Kim
12. Doreen
13. Sarah
14. Gina

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cherry On Top Award

I have received a couple of awards for my blog over the last few days and will post the other soon, I promise. This is the first one I received from Jenny and Mel to say that I have a beautiful blog with that a little bit extra. and inspiring them. Thank you guys for giving me this, I really appreciate it and I will put it with pride on my blog.
The rules of accepting this award are:

1.Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Put the award on your blog.
3. List three things about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 other people for the award.

Three things about me:
I am getting married this year in India

I am a stamp addict, I simply spend too much and can not stop buying!

I have demonstrated for my local craft shop, and have been booked for further demonstrations. I will be contacting other stores soon to see if they would allow me to do the same.

A picture I love, I have far too many and a lot are private and personal. However, I will share one of my favourites from a trip to Warwick Castle. We went up all the way to the top of the towers - and the views from their are lovely. Here is one of the many views.

Now to nominate 5 others since i have received the award twice I will nominate 10 people
2. Kath
3. Lyndsey Marie - she needs a lot of good luck to come her way
10. Kim

Friday, 20 August 2010

Forever Friends Wedding

Hi there, this is another one of my wedding cards this year. The bride has definitely had a look at this by now. I enjoyed making it for a friend for the wedding. I have used the Forever Friends Triple Disc CD. I drew a turban, and added that on, and personalised the card. The image is decoupaged.
Products used:
Forever Friends Digital Designer Triple Disc
Ancient Page - Dark Chocolate
Anitas Alphabet Stickers
Papermania Summer Bloom Ribbon

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It has been a hectic week and I do not know where the time has flown. I had every intention to post yesterday for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, but did not have the chance. I should be back tomorrow with another card and my latest offerings.

Tonight, it is Weight Watchers and I have not been a very good girl! And tonight there is a meal with my work colleagues at the Big Griff. I already know what I am having for desert. (Chocolate Fudge Sundae... Yum!)

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wedding Card

Team WWE won at Summerslam, but it was not a dominant win. Undertaker did return, but not a very impressive one, it was like he was struggling to be mobile. All in all, a good show.

Here is one my wedding cards made back in June for a wedding in August. She got married over two weeks ago, and will have definitely opened the card by now. Her wedding was a black and white themed one. I hope you like. I used real hand stitching around the edge with silver metallic thread. This stamp i enjoyed inking up, had it ages but just got around to using it for the first time.

Sorry for the very poor quality picture, this was taken on my mobile at work. The picture isnt too bad. I used stitching on the little buttons - which was a task in itself and added them to the centre of the flowers.

Products used:
Papermania Mono Capsule papers
Papermania Getting Hitched Stamp Set
X Cut Circle Punch
Anitas Silver alpabet stickers
Silver Metallic Thread.
Black Cardstock

Sunday, 15 August 2010

WWE Summerslam

Thank you for all the new followers joining my site, I truly appreciate it. I tried to follow your sites too - however when I click on the new followers it only gives me a list of blogs you have joined. If you have become a follower recently - please leave me a message with your blog address, so I can join your blog too.

I have some exciting news coming up soon, I hope to reveal soon once I can get things organised and settled. Until then lips are sealed...

I confess I must be a Wii dumbo. I was on the Wii Board today and I could not understand, when it told me to tap right foot - it said i lifted my left leg. Now, I am not that thick that I can not tell left to right. I looked down to find out I had the Wii board the wrong way down. Be warned! Have the Wii the same way as the righting! Doh!

I have no new cards, as I am urgently preparing for all four demos before I go away on my Wedding and cards for a stall I have coming up soon. However, tonight i will be watching Summerslam. WWE is not the same for me without Shawn Michaels, my all time favourite superstar, who is now retired. I watched his farewell speech again today and I sobbed some more.

I did start to like the madness that is  Jeff Hardy, however he is NOT HBK, and WWE Smackdown is not the same without Jeff. However Jeff is still wrestling in TNA which I am watching now because Jeff is in it.

I hope Triple H returns soon to wrestling. Its rumoured for Undertaker to come back to wrestling one more time, last fued and retire as well later.

I hope Team WWE wins tonight - or they may let the fued go onto until Survivor Series.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wii Game Cube Port?!?!?!?!?!

Hi to all in Blogland. Where has all this time gone? I came to all tell you a tale from this week. At the time, I was really annoyed, now I find it funny and come here to hopefully make you laugh, but also make you wiser if you ever need to know this.

Earlier this week, I purchased a Wii game called Dance Revolution which includes a dance mat, where you got to press a square on a dance mat for the time in the music = similiar to those at these game places. I was all excited, until that is I came to install it..... and it needed to connect it to the Wii's Game Cube Port. I had not a clue where this was...  

The instructions kept telling me that I needed to install the mat in the Game Cube Port in the Wii. Since I bought the Wii last year, I only know that there is two slots in the wii, which were at the front. The box in which My Wii came in is in the loft, because it is not needed - loft is the keeper of all old junk. I could not be bothered to fetch it. So i read the instructions that I had out of Wii box, still could not find the game cube port. Getting really annoyed and frustrating. Read the instructions with the game - which kept referring to this port - BUT NO PICTURE. I was getting very upset. I then read in the game manual that I needed a Pal version - So i got all upset thinking my Wii was the wrong version and I spent all the money on this game and it was no use and the store would not accept a return as it had now been opened.

I knew if I told my mum - my mum would have said you should have checked these things out first before purchasing.

I then started to google this game cube port and where it exactly is. Surely the other versions of Wii would have this one somewhere? Every site I came across kept saying that when the Wii was stood up it was on the left. So i started looking on the left, tried to see if it opened - no luck. So i tried the top, and a little panel opened - I did not know that this was there before. But it opened, the slots did not match. At this point I was really angry. I even inserted the CD - because the manual said it would provide me installation instructions. No such instructions - it just went straight to the game.

Then my pc was still open on the search page and i noticed in the top left corer, images, so i clicked on images. And voila! here is where the game cube port is! I felt so silly, angry and happy all at the same time.  I had got close to it, but not near enough!I had opened the little slot on the far of this picture... Lol... Silly me. And, I also had the right version of the Wii - you can only get PAL in the UK as far as I am aware!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Penny Black Card

Here is another Penny Black Demo Card. I enjoyed making this card, and i had fun demonstrating Penny Black. It was certainly a very popular demonstration, a lot came out to this demo. I just love this pad from Basic Grey - this one is called Kioshi. The Green at Heart one is also stunning.

Below is the sneak peak followed by the card.

Products used:
Penny Black Hugs Stamp Set
Basic Grey Kioshi Paper

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Hi there, and welcome to another week of WOYWW 62! I am currently working on projects using the Wild Rose Studio Stamps as well as Christmas cards. This week I have decided to show you more of my craft room. Below are pictures of cards in progress and another part of my storage in my room.

If you like what you see - please become a follower and I will join your site too.

This is a picture of my desk as I left it last night. With Basic Grey papers, I have a few pads which I need to use as much up before my partner finds out how many I have!

I feel embarassed to show the rest of my craft area and storage, after many comments last week that I have quiet a collection and I had only shown purchases I made in the last month! The green draws are full of clear stamps, many clear stamps. The silver draws have adhesive gems, smaller clear stamps, magazines, decoupage, papers. and so forth. Click here for last weeks WOYWW and see my stash, and all my stamps. Am I the only one who is a Stamp Addict. My collection is still growing...

On the left of the picture which i have edited out as they are my demo cards, are sample cards that I have completed for upcoming demonstrations. On the right, are piles of half completed cards until I decide how to finish them off! Enjoy the sneak peaks.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Born To Shop Demo Card

Here is a card I made for the Born To Shop Demonstration. I used an A4 card, cut it in half, and scored it the other way, so I do not have a card that does the splits.

Products used:
Born To Shop Housework Stamp
Trimcraft Piece of Cake Paper
Born to Shop Bubbles Cardstock stickers
Papermania Flowers

Sunday, 8 August 2010

My New Toy

Here is my new toy - Limited edition of the Cuttlebug in PINK! I love it, if you have not got one it is stunning and something that can take your card making to another level. If you are new to crafting - this is a must,you can not go wrong with your card making. The traditional one is in green. However I fell in love with this pink one. I have done some embossing with it, but for my christmas demonstrations. For my christmas demonstrations I am doing - Creative Expressions, Docrafts Christmas, Wild Rose Studio Christmas and Penny Black Christmas. Fun, fun, fun. I have been certainly experimenting in some different techniques.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

By Cute and Girly Challenge

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I have been really tired, and I have not had the energy to post. Yesterday I had every intention to come and post, but I was too tired. I think I have recovered from most of the travelling up and down the wonderful M25!

I am entering this card into the By the Cute and Girly Challenge which is Animal Antics. This is a tri shutter card using the Creative Expressions products. I am also entering this into Cute Card Thursday Challenge, with the theme of Whatever!
I used each panels, and use basic matting and layering. And adding the animals onto each panel. I quiet like this card fold, and regretfully I have only ever made one of this card fold.  I also like the sentiment it is a bit of a jokey sentiment.

Hi Julia, i have not forgotten about the Born To Shop cards, will start posting them, would love to see more of yours. I have posted some of them.
Products used:
Creative Expressions Animal Safari
Creative Expressions Jungle Friends
Various colours of card stock
Anita's 3D Gloss

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

lcome to another week of WOYWW. This week, I am working on Christmas cards for another upcoming demonstration at Kims Craft in Hinckley, and their new shop in Wigston. For more details of kims craft, click here. First is a picture of my desk as I left it last night, with a finished card and work in progress.
The stuff currently above, is Penelope and Percy stamp set, and decoupage. Yes, that butterfly paper from last week is still on my desk, It will go when I make the card for it!!!!! For those who asked to see the card I did make, scroll down for the previous post and you can see the card I made.

This week I thought I would show you some more of my room, rather than the stuff on my desk. Towards the left of my desk, is my keyboard / piano. Underneath that there is room - so what ends up there is some more craft stuff! It is a three set draw, the bottom draw has papers, the middle draw has wooden stamps, the top draw I have decided will be my demonstration draw. So whatever I am demonstrating, the products and everything I need to use will be in that draw - so in theory I should not forget anything! On top of the draw are candles waiting to be decorated and stickers I use often. (No one from WOYWW will know that the candles have been sitting there for over a year!!!!)

Towards the right of the first picture is another little desk, which I use to coordinate papers and make the cards on as it is right underneath my window it has natural light. It is also handy to put things there whilst drying. At the moment, whilst I decide where to put these stamps, they have found a home there! I have got one step further on my SWALK stamps, I have cut one set out!! Oh well, what are us crafters like!

Happy WOYWW! I hope to visit all of you this week.

If you like what you see, do become a follower and I will come and see your blog too. I do need more followers, as I am constantly told when I fail miserably for DT positions, the reason I am always given is that I do not have enough followers! I will be offering blog candy soon!
P.S As anyone else having problems getting to Docrafts site? I have been struggling, one moment I am on there and the next I am not. It is like I do not exist.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My Winning Goodies

Earlier I won second prize at Particrafts blog candy. I was ecstatic. Here is a picture of the two beautiful stamp sets I won.
Are these not just beautiful? A gorgeous christmas set and a butterfly stamp set, I like the crackled background stamp. Now just need to get some u foam.