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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wii Game Cube Port?!?!?!?!?!

Hi to all in Blogland. Where has all this time gone? I came to all tell you a tale from this week. At the time, I was really annoyed, now I find it funny and come here to hopefully make you laugh, but also make you wiser if you ever need to know this.

Earlier this week, I purchased a Wii game called Dance Revolution which includes a dance mat, where you got to press a square on a dance mat for the time in the music = similiar to those at these game places. I was all excited, until that is I came to install it..... and it needed to connect it to the Wii's Game Cube Port. I had not a clue where this was...  

The instructions kept telling me that I needed to install the mat in the Game Cube Port in the Wii. Since I bought the Wii last year, I only know that there is two slots in the wii, which were at the front. The box in which My Wii came in is in the loft, because it is not needed - loft is the keeper of all old junk. I could not be bothered to fetch it. So i read the instructions that I had out of Wii box, still could not find the game cube port. Getting really annoyed and frustrating. Read the instructions with the game - which kept referring to this port - BUT NO PICTURE. I was getting very upset. I then read in the game manual that I needed a Pal version - So i got all upset thinking my Wii was the wrong version and I spent all the money on this game and it was no use and the store would not accept a return as it had now been opened.

I knew if I told my mum - my mum would have said you should have checked these things out first before purchasing.

I then started to google this game cube port and where it exactly is. Surely the other versions of Wii would have this one somewhere? Every site I came across kept saying that when the Wii was stood up it was on the left. So i started looking on the left, tried to see if it opened - no luck. So i tried the top, and a little panel opened - I did not know that this was there before. But it opened, the slots did not match. At this point I was really angry. I even inserted the CD - because the manual said it would provide me installation instructions. No such instructions - it just went straight to the game.

Then my pc was still open on the search page and i noticed in the top left corer, images, so i clicked on images. And voila! here is where the game cube port is! I felt so silly, angry and happy all at the same time.  I had got close to it, but not near enough!I had opened the little slot on the far of this picture... Lol... Silly me. And, I also had the right version of the Wii - you can only get PAL in the UK as far as I am aware!


Dazie said...

hehehehe that made me giggle, I would have done exactly the same, I would have had to have some one to direct me lol at least you looked online!

Enjoy your new toy!

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Sarpreet, I did have a giggle, like you I wouldn't have guessed where the game cube slot was so thanks that is if I get it, my Grandchildren will be asking me to get this one soon. Have a nice evening JO. xxx