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Monday, 10 September 2012

Me again

Hi there,

Good Morning to you all.

I did not think that it would be this long until I was able to come online and post. I have been sort of getting the ideas of making cards and have been sorting out my craft space so that I am able to make cards. I have been popping around blogs, seeing what all my lovely blogging buddies have been up to and seeing all your georgous creations.

I still miss my mum and I always will. I remember at the hospital when my mum went for some hemodialysis treatment and whilst they were connecting her up, I was waiting in the waiting room area. The news was on the tv, and they were talking about coping with death from those who are in the army. This wife said, that she took a day at a time, and it is not just the first birthday / anniversary / christmas you get over, it is the second. It isn't something you get over, or something that it becomes easier to deal with, and over time it becomes like a badge that becomes more bearable to wear.  I guess I have to go through that, as this coming Saturday will be what would have been my mother's birthday. Followed by the weekend after being the 5th month anniversary since my mother passed away.

All I want to do is carry on, be strong, be happy and make my mum proud and exceed her expectations of me.

I really shouldn't make my blog all doom and gloom, but this is how I really feel. I hope that now I made a purchase of some new memento ink pads, had some experiments that I will be able to produce something soon that will be worth showing.

This weekend Strictly Come Dancing is back on TV, lets see who the contestants of this series will be.

On another note, have you been watching the X Factor? Oh my, there have been some surprisingly good contestants, and some not so good. And that Britney impersonator who had been on Britains Got Talent previously, was on Sundays show. ITV really shouldnt have shown her on TV, because that is all she wanted to be on there for was some time on the TV. I am glad Gary did a runner and escaped her.