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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I am off...

Just came on to wish all my fellow crafters, loyal followers and all my cyber buddies a farewell. In just a matter of hours, I will be at the airport ready to take off. I am still remembering things, have I packed this, have I packed this. Whatever I do not have now I will buy when I get there. 

Monday, 20 September 2010

Thank you

Since my last post on Saturday, you have all been so kind with your comments. Thank you for all your lovely comments, your support, the time you take to leave such generous comments.

I will try to post when I can, but again I can not promise anything. I notice I have lost and gained followers. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Hopefully I will not disappoint as there is plenty of posts you can catch up on.

I hope I am not away for long, because I have worked very hard at this blog. I may be back quicker, if my other half can get a job working nights and weekends!!!! lol. Do you know of any?

I will soon be off flying away to India to get married.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goodbye for now...

Whilst I am getting ready for my wedding, I have been trying my best to come online to carry on building my blog, which I have worked very hard for. But its not just about posting on the blog, its supporting those who support you in blogland and in my gallery at docrafts. Whilst preparing for the wedding and due to fly out in 10 days, panic has set in and I have had to make the very tough decision to say goodbye for now.

I have a couple of other tough decisions to make, but my brain and my heart is still fighting it out.

I could schedule posts for four to six weeks, however I have no idea what to write out so in advance. I have so many other commitments, and so much stuff I need to prepare for in advance.

I appreciate everyones your kind comments and your visits to my blog, I will try to update it from time to time, but I can not promise.

I can not promise when I will return, may be sooner than you all think. However if it all goes to plan, I should successfully return before christmas with a bang. I have two little surprises planned, so please do not abandon me yet.

It is with much sadness, and a few tears, I will be saying bye for now. Catch up with you soon.

P.S. For those who I have demonstrate to at Kims Craft, you will still see me in November. I am not cancelling that.

P.S Thank you for all your comments, you were fast off the mark before I had the chance for this to go live.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Wild Rose Studio

Again focusing on the Wild Rose Studio Stamp - Milton With Poinsetta stamp. Here is another card I made using this stamp set, this time teamed up with the Wild Rose Studio Masculine Papers. First of all is the sneak peak I gave you, followed by the card.

Products used:
Wild Rose Studio For Men Paper
Wild Rose Studio - Milton With Poinsetta Stamp

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Clare Curd's 5th Blog Candy Giveaway

hi Clare Curds ongoing blog candy, until 8th October. Worth the chance to sign up for the candy and she is one talented crafter, click here to go to her blog. Definitely worth the visit. Here is her next blog candy.
To win some of her candy, visit her blog for more instructions.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Welcome to another week of WOYWW. If you would like to know more please pop  on over to Julia Dunnits blog by clicking here.

I managed to visit and leave comments for all those who participated in WOYWW 66. And for the first time I did it, it was my luck that there was a record amount of people who participated in it.

So much to my clever plan in making lots of cards so I would not have to worry about it after the wedding! I should be so lucky! also some cards i prepared for the wedding.

I have put my bank card away, and shredded it so i can not spent any more money!

On my desk is card samples awaiting to be completed from the demo at Wigston, which I will complete.

Would love your thoughts on my post from yesterday.

Swinging right from the above, is a pile of stamps waiting to be used.

A bit further right is glass paints, gloss varnish, whoops my deodarant, and other crafty stuff

Whilst crafting my bed becomes a place for everything... a crafty mess...

Edit: Regarding the impulse deodorant, lol, i could come up with some clever story how I use it! But this desk holds everything a girl needs - makeup, perfume, tissues, mirrors. etc. Sorry to disappoint, it is not used for crafting.

Clare Curds Blog Candy Number 4

Clare has posted some more gorgeous deliciousness, some beautiful stencils. If you would like to be in a chance of winning some candy, please visit her blog here. Here is a picture

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Belly Dancing

I must tell you all about a Belly Dancing class I used to go to, I will not name any names but if you are ever interested and want to join any classes, email me and I will be happy to provide you with advise for things to watch out for. 

I joined the Belly Dance class, initially I thought it was super. The best.  I felt I was learning and improving.
In any class, people attend for various reasons whether it is just for a laugh or to learn. Also, you always see other dancers from a personal perspective, things that they are doing right so that you are inspired to be like that or exceed, or you see something that isnt quiet right. That you also can learn from by ensuring that is correct for yourself things like posture or hand positions. In any class, in my opinion people are at different standards. People will learn differently. This is not a criticism. This was encouraged by the teacher, as she got you to perform at the end of the class for feedback. Before I was only concentrating on myself.

This teacher always encouraged regular attendance, as it was not the fair on the others who had been there having to go over the same material. I never missed a class part from holidays. 

I became unhappy in the class. We started choreography for a routine, and we had been on the same part for 6 weeks. Due to poor attendance, or people not remembering. 6 weeks! 6 weeks of money down the drain.  The teacher would do what this one particular person would ask for and people supported because they knew her. I asked her, if she just would perform the next piece so I could take something home to practise. I emailed the teacher to say I would like to move to the advanced class. I feel I would fit in and would enjoy the class more. I had no reply.

So in the next class,  I would like to progess and move to the next class. This was the teachers own idea, as for a while she had been saying that at the start of the year, that she would review and move people across classes. She never did this.  

Her response was that if you are not happy with my class, find another class. And I do not think that you are a good enough dancer to be in the next class! I found this very rude. As a teacher, which she kept callling herself if someone is not happy, its her job to sort it, and not to tell someone they are not good enough and to find another class!

So i did, I left class and did not text her once. Whenever anybody leaves class, she always takes the time to ring or text to see how they are and if anything is ok. I never once received any such contact from her.

In my opinion, even in the advanced class which I always saw the end of - people were at different standards, i.e fast learner, slow learner.  And personally I felt I could fit in the class. This was not a criticism of such, it is fact. Everyone learns differently.

Out of the blue, many months later, she sent me a rude email which she called a polite acknowledgement. It was far from polite. To me there was no need to send an email unless she was going to ask about returning to class, or how I was, etc. Which she never did. The email was presumptious.

So i thought I would be honest with her, as for all the time I was there, she never had regular attendance from anyone and a lot of people missed class. So i thought my honesty would help her.
She came back with a rude response, that I am a teacher, I am in no position to judge others and dictate who goes to which class. (all i said everyone is at different standards and learn differently) And she was not going to stand there whilst I insulted her class students or her class planning! (I never insulted anyone!) Coming from a teacher who for our class, came without any planning and see it how goes style. Started choreography part way through the song, because she had not decided on the rest of the music piece!  Who encouraged feedback, etc. If I am in the audience, paying to see or visit - I will have an opinion and that ia my right.

Hello, where did this come from? As a student and as a person who is paying £5.00 for a class that never started on time, I have every right for an opinion and for input. I never judged any of the dancers, in fact it was this teacher who got us to perform at the end of every class to look at others and for feedback. To see if we could spot what was right or wrong and to learn from it. That is how I was learning and improving! Then to criticise me for it and jump on me for it! She also wanted to increase class prices and cd prices - i know how quick they are to burn and how much you can pay for it.

I found this very rude. What do you think?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Craft Fayre & Demonstration

hi there, this weekend on Saturday I demonstrated in Wigston at Kims Craft for the first time. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the demonstration, it was a pleasure and my nerves flew away after the first 10 minutes of shakey hands!

I was not sure what to expect of the demonstrations as with their Hinckley branch I am a regular and know the people now. The demonstration went very well, lots of questions were asked which I appreciate. The time flew by so fast, I did not notice that it became 1pm. The last 20 minutes or so was very quiet which gave me a chance to finish of samples for the shop. I thought I had left my camera at home, so I could not take pictures of the samples. But when I got home and looked for my camera, the camera was in my handbag!

The demonstration room in Wigston is upstairs, and I was given a phone in case I needed anything I was told to press a button, and as per the norm I forgot something! I needed some white card and wet glue. I pressed the button, and nothing happened. There was no ringing tone. So thinking it had not worked, I carried on demonstrating. Then virtually in a few seconds, a lady from the shop popped up and it had us all laughing! I am good with gadgets, but she did admit she pressed the wrong button to pick up the phone downstairs.

Before I fly away for my wedding, and when I come back I do not know how much of a chance I am going to have to blog and make cards. Will see what the future holds.
Products used:
Wild Rose Studio Milton with Poinsetta Stamp
Wild Rose Studio Christmas Papers
Two different shades of red cardstock
Cuttlebug embossing folder - swirls
Adhesive Gems
Glitter Glue

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Clare Curd's Blog Candy 3

hi there, to be within a chance of winning some blog candy, please go on over to Clare Curd's Blog who is giving away candy every other day until October 8th.  This candy finishes tomorrow. So  get your names in quick.
To be in with a chance of winning, simply:

1. Become a follower of Clare's blog (if you're already a follower to my blog then you already have a tick again this one - winner!)

2. Leave a comment against the blog candy you're interested in. With a link to your blog, or other contact details.

3. Post the details of my blog candy with a link to it.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

My Glitterpot Goodies

Just a quick post to show the goodies I bought from the Glitterpot. I am having lots of fun playing with them.
List of goodies:
Penny Black Slapstick - Here Comes Christmas
Personal Impressions - Swirls and Flourishes PICS015
Wild Rose Studio - Gardening Millie
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder - Snowflakes
Forever Friends - Cosy Christmas - Home Stamp Set
Forever Friends - Cosy Christmas - Hugs Stamp Set
Forever Friends Cosy Christmas A5 Paper Pack
 Penny Black Snow Scroll Wooden Stamp
Penny Black Christmas Park Wooden Stamp
Penny Black Happy Soul Wooden Stamp
Penny Black Starlit Wooden Stamp
Penny Black Mademoiselle Noel Wooden Stamp

Friday, 10 September 2010

Clare Curds 2nd Candy

Clare's Second Candy offering, for a chance to win please visit her blog for the info by clicking here

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Wild Rose Studio Sneak Peaks

For this Saturdays forthcoming Demonstration at Kims Craft, Wigston Branch the majority of the demonstration will be Wild Rose Studio.  Here are sneak peaks of some cards.

Clare Curds Georgeous Candy

Clare Curd is offering Gorgeous Candy, every 2 days. For a chance of winning, please visit her blog here

Her first candy is of Born to Shop Bubbles Embossing folders, for a new Cuttlebug addict, this is a must have.

For a chance to win some candy, all you have to do is become a follower of your blog, leave a comment for Clare, and post about the candy on your blog. Good luck

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Just before we get to why you all came here, I must tell you all about the glitterpot, you can read about my trip below and for those who live too far away  - fear not, you can order online by clicking here. And if any of you live near Coventry, West Midlands I am a stall holder at the Canal Basin Fair this Sunday, details of this are in the post before.

Where did all this time go. Welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, was it not fun having a snoop at everyone's desk. As a follower of my blog, if you have seen these posts and do not know what I am talking about, pop over to Julias blog at the start and see, click here to see.

This week on my workdesk, its that C word is still some Christmas goodies! Sorry if you are not thinking about Christmas cards but I have been making them all year.

The reason for Christmas goodies on my desk, is this week at Kims Craft at Wigston it is a Christmas Demonstration.
At Wigston, I will be demonstrating Wild Rose Studio - the last demo that Dulcie Jackson did for Wild Rose Studio sold out. For those who do not know - Dulcie Jackson is the creator and designer of Wild Rose Studio. In addition, I will showcase some items from the shop that they have in stock.

Two weeks ago on a Sunday I was given a Penny Black stamp set - 12 Days of Christmas to demo. It didnt give me much of a chance to prepare for last weeks demo at Kims Craft - Hinckley branch. The lack of time is not Kims craft fault - we were relying on docrafts and they have not arrived. Couple of ideas are floating in my head today I will see what happens. I was also told I could use any penny black stamp set I have. Considering the number of Christmas ones I have I could not do justice to all of them on a weeks notice. therefore I will stick to the 12 days of christmas and maybe one other stamp set. And ask the shop that for the November demos if it could be a Penny Black Demonstration. This way I have the goodies and can prepare before I go away on my wedding.

Enough of me waffling - here is what you came to see, pictures of my workdesk. Followed by the stamps I am demonstration and some of the Penny Black ones I have to choose from.

If you like what you see, do become a follower, and I will become a follower of your blog. but please leave me a message with a link to your blog, as when I click on your name it does not always display your blog. Often or not, i get a list of blogs you have joined. Thanks

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Craft Fayre Canal Basin

This Sunday I am a stall holder at Canal Basin Craft Fayre, I really hope the weather stays fab. If you are near by please drop by and support the local work. I will be raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

Click here for details of the craft fayre and location and time. It is 11am to 4pm.

The craft fayre is at:
Coventry Art Fair
Autumn Edition
The Lock Gallery
Workshop 10
Canal Basin

Monday, 6 September 2010

My Glitterpot Visit

Yeterday I went to Glitterpot for some fun and you can not leave the shop without goodies surely, it would be rude. Knowing there was a demo - I emailed the store before I left asking them to reserve the items I wanted. I got there, asked for my stuff. The guy said oh yes, I recognise your name you order a lot of stuff online. Yes i do! Oh dear - dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing! I said I order too much, should have a discount for the amount of £'s I have spent!

It was a pleasure to see the demonstrators especially Kay and Dulcie Jackson. I really did learn something new in form of techniques and how differently Dulcie achieves the shading on her images but with the same effect. Thank you. I am really eager to try out these techniques. Also Kay, your work with stamping was stunning and I was amazed, very inspired. Thank you for showing your real work, and your stunning cards. I would love to know if you are doing more demonstrations.

Here are pictures of Glitterpot from the outside. I arrived at the Sheddington Business Park, did not know where it was and it was not signposting to say D1 etc. So I thought I would drive around, feeling slightly sad thinking how long will this take. I could not see a single person in view that you could ask. Then there it was this sign! That was an easy find.

I have to show the car park, it isnt particularly big and people had not parked properly. But there is plenty of space on the road opposite.

Here are pictures of some of the many stamp stands inside Glitterpot.

I really enjoyed the shop,and the demonstrators Dulcie and Kay Carley were fab, so i ended up buying more goodies. Will be back with a picture of my goodies.
P.S. If you are gutted you are too far to visit - you can order online by clicking here

Sunday, 5 September 2010

SWALK Bath time

Hi all, just a quick post to show you the card I made when I had a bit of spare time. I used one of the stamp sets from SWALK. I hope you like. I am about to leave to go to Glitterpot.
Products used:
Basic Grey Kioshi Paper
SWALK - Time Out Stamp

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Another Award

I received this lovely award from Margaret, sorry I have not accepted it sooner. I have been really busy preparing for demos and I have scheduled a lot of posts. So I have had to fit this in. As I have received this award before, I will not nominate anyone. Thank you Margaret for this award.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts. This is usually the week before my demonstration I would tease you with sneak peaks etc. However, where as all that time gone! It has been a really busy week, we were waiting on docraft items but they did not arrive anywhere until today. There is still no sign of the magazine - to get ideas for the current range. Therefore it was agreed to use the previous range, I was given a Penny Black stamp set to use and I was advisd I could use any of the others. However with so many - I am only going to pick one. I will ask if I can do a Christmas Penny Black demo in November, that way I can prep before I go.

Next week at Wigston I will use Wild Rose Studio stamps as I recommended this to the shop. However it hasnt done well as I thought it would. So I am hoping with a bit of inspiration people will be well on there way.  I might add Pepper and Friends if I have time. Looks like no sleep for the wicked again....

My Demonstration Details for Christmas Stamping:

September 4th
Kims Craft
4 Coventry Road
LE10 0JT

September 11th
Kims Craft
13 Leicester Road
LE18 1NR

Here is a picture of the stamps and other possible Penny Black options.

I have not got long left with so much to do!!!!!!! I am a little stressed, I will be catching up on your blogs Saturday - really sorry!

Here are some Penelope and Percy sneak peaks of forthcoming cards.