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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Forever Friends Sunday Week 19

Welcome to another week of Forever Friends Sunday. 19 weeks! I still have so much stuff to use, and if I stand any real chance of using my papers up and getting more use of my stamps. I really should make 2 or 4 cards every sunday for the showcase! But that is not going to happen whilst my poor foot is still in a plaster.

Again this is a card I made following a project at docrafts by the very talented Clare Curd. It is gorgeous. I love her work for docrafts and will definitely miss it.
Products used:
Forever Friends Cosy Christmas Paper
Forever Friends Cosy Christmas Home Stamp
Black Cardstock
Green / Silver Ribbon
Adhesive Gems
Various Promarkers

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Me To You Card

Time for another post, this is a first for me using my neglected stash and a first for me. First outing at my Me to You range.  I am very happy with the results.

When I initially got the range, I was not sure how to ink it up and what to do and set of to experiment. I then watched a lot of cards being made, and saw how they were inked up and coloured. I eventually came to this conclusion in using Memento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad and Cool Grey Promarkers for colouring in.

On the heels of my success with Forever Friends Sunday, I am making Saturdays a Me To You Saturday Day. This way it will give me structure on deciding on what to post on my blog. So Welcome to Week 1.
Products used:
Me to You - Sitting Bear Stamp
Me to You - Especially For You Papers
Grey Cardstock
X Cut Mini Circle Punch
Glitter Glue
Silver and Pink Adhesive Gems

For anyone that is interested, this item is available to purchase in my Etsy shop here

Also this card below, that was posted here is also available to purchase in my Etsy shop here

Friday, 29 July 2011

More Born to Shop Bubbles

hi there, I have another Born To Shop Demo Card to show you. This card is made using the free stamp that came with the magazine. I was showing that at minimum if you are crafting on a budget you can use the stamps to create your own backgrounds.
Born To Shop Bubbles Free Stamp With Magazine
Born To Shop Bubbles Paper

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sorry for the absence

I just wanted to come and make a quick post to explain my absence since Monday. I have started to work from home this week, and this has proven to be rather difficult. As having to sit in bed for 7 hours, what a torture!!!! Seriously!!! You get bum ache, back ache. And my mum has not been well all week. It has accumulated last night and she has been really bad, and I had to call an ambulance for her this morning. Hopefully she will be out soon.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Close Your Eyes (Picture of my Plaster)

If you are weak, then please look away. It is not a ugly open wound, but today I thought I would share picture of my plaster.
This is version 2 of my plaster. My crutches are next to the bed. The nurse said I could choose any plaster colour I would like. She reeled of a lot of colours, I made her repeat it. I went with Black. At least it was not something like green or red. I was told to bling it up. haha... I suppose they know they get a few miserable people in there, and they try to cheer them up.

When I went to have my plaster done. A kid was on the bed next door, and a broken bone in his leg and was refusing to get the plaster done. So the doctor was bought in to tell him a scare story, and after he heard what could happen. He soon changed his mind. I think that kid was between 10 to 12.

When the nurse came with this electric gadget to cut the plaster, i told her that gadget is making me nervous. But she demonstrated on her hand that the gadget is only designed to cut something hard and not soft. So feeling slightly better, she starting to remove the plaster. However, I still did not dare to move my leg!!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Forever Friends Week 18

18 weeks of Forever Friends, I hope I am not boring you!!!!! I was going to start Forever Friends Challenges, but this will have to hold on for a while until I am better. There will be prizes up for grabs.

Again, here is another one of those cards I made a while ago as a back up when I would be out of time to make a card. What better time to use it whilst I am recouperating from a broken foot! Silly me. Will be buying proper nice shows once I am better. Can not wait to get use of my legs. Its been over 2 weeks, and I am struggling. Just to do simple tasks. Change. Shower.

This is another project at the back of the paper pack. Again I am using the Forever Friend Good Life Retro Collection - Ultimate Decoupage Pack. Stunning Set. With so many uses.
Forever Friends Retro Collection - Good Life Decoupage Pack
Organiza Ribbon
Silicone Glue

Friday, 22 July 2011

More Born To Shop!

Yes sorry, more Born to Shop treats. Here is another card I made, i think this one was made following the idea from the magazine.  Again like last weeks card, this is using the glitter transfers and cardstock stickers. A fab addition to any crafty stash.
Products used:
Born To Shop Bubbles Glitter Transfer
Born To Shop Bubbles Cardstock stickers
Adhesive Gems

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Odds & Soxlets Digi Images

Hi there, I hope I soon have use of my laptop again! It will be easier to blog more often from my laptop then getting someone up to my PC. My cousin is writing some posts for me, I let her know what I need to be on this blog and she will type it up for me. Thank you. I can not neglect my blog at the moment.

In the card below, I am using Toots from Erica's digi Summertime collection. It is available as a single image download or part of a decoupage download. She is so cute. I have so many ideas in creating projects, but with a poor foot (sympathy hunting..., lol) I am at least sketching these ideas down. Then will try them once I am better. I had planned to make a card each tuesday from the digi collection, but fear not, once I am fully fit you will see lots of new projects. Its amazing how your mind thinks of all these ideas when you are NOT able to craft, but not when you CAN craft.... I am sketching away...
Products used:
Toots - Digi Image From Erica's Odds & Soxlets Collection
(Check out the blog for a link to the shop and collection)
Me to You - Especially For You Paper Pack and Ribbon
Grey Cardstock
Adhesive Gems

For instructions in how to make this card, please visit the Odds & Soxlets blog above.

To purchase Toots digi image or the decoupage, do visit this link here

Monday, 18 July 2011

Erica Martyn - Branding / Marketing & Web Artwork Design

After being a fan of Erica Martyn and her work. I started to follow her blog. She has now opened up her own online shop here.  I saw that she designed some stunning posters for others. So I commissioned Erica Martyn to design me:
-a poster for my new shops
-a business card
-a profile picture for my facebook page
-a banner for my shops.

And i absolutely LOVE what she has come up with. It is gorgeous. As soon as I am fit and able I will be getting to the printers to print of these designs and start distributing. Do not forget if you would like to commission Erica for anything, or just want to see her portfolio, do visit her blog here

A4 & A5 Poster

Business Card:

Shop Banner:

Facebook Profile Picture:


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Forever Friends Sunday Week 17

hi all, I made several back up cards a while ago in case I ran out of time to show as cards on Sundays. As I am unable to craft for a while, (although I am thinking of starting crotchet) I will be showing these cards. Hey ho, I am still getting use of my Forever Friends craft stash. 

This is following a project one of the backs of the paper or decoupage packs. Sheila had a nice idea on TV to use acetate as the car window, to make it look a little more realistic. She also showcased some stunning projects.

In approving comments and visiting your blogs, that will be a slow process as I have to wait for someone is free to sit at my pc, and type for me.  But I will get there slowly, promise.
Products used:
Forever Friends Retro Collection Ultimate Decoupage Pack
Kraft Cardstock
Adhesive Gems
Organiza Ribbon

Friday, 15 July 2011

Another Born To Shop Demo Card

Just a quick post again to show you another card I have made using the Born to Shop Bubbles Range. This card is using the glitter transfers. I am a stamp lover, and it was different to use the transfers, but it produced some gorgeous results and quick cards. Well, quick after you have decided on papers and layout.

Again, this card is over a year old and I would do things differently if I was to recreate this card again.
Products used:
Born to Shop Bubbles Transfer
Dovecraft Piece of Cake Papers
Buttons with stitching
Brown thread
Pokey Tool

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Broke My Foot...

If it is not one thing it is another as of late with me. It is either me who is ill or my mother. Yesterday I met my mum at lunch and as I went to sit in the car, my ankle gave way and I was in a great amount of pain. I was crying. I barely got in the car and my mum took me to A&E.  The first doctor told me that there was a crack in my bone and that I would have a small plaster.  The porter came and took me to the Plaster Room. There the nurse told me from the reports, it is a broken bone and that the plaster will be up to my knee!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh well, they have to do what they have to do to get me well. Then the nurses made me laugh, asking me what colour I wanted my plaster! So I went with black. The nurse further made me laugh, saying to bling it up! 

So for at least the next week or so. I have to keep my foot in the air. So it does not swell up. So I will not be able to craft or make cards for at least a week or until I am able. So on my blog you will see posts that have been scheduled by me for the next week. 

Have to lie back down now. But it is so difficult with the cast. It makes everything difficult. Sleeping, bathroom.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Forever Friends Sunday Week 16

For me, this Forever Friends Sunday was to get the most use of my Forever Friends Stamps, papers. And one of the stamps in the Going to the chapel range is this wedding cake. Which has become the main focus of this card. However sorry for the poor picture, it was taken in a rush as it was a commissioned card and the lady was at the door to collect. But it was a white on white card with a hint of pink and glitter. I hope you like it. This was inspired by Elizabeth Allan.
Forever Friends - Going to the Chapel Mr & Mrs Stamp
Papermania Getting Hitched Stamp (for the inside sentiment)
White Card
Flower Embossing Folder
X Cut Mini Circule Punch
Promarker - Baby Pink, Cool Grey 1
Ice Stickles
Permanent Markers

Friday, 8 July 2011

Born To Shop Demo Card

Just dropping by to make a quick post today. Here is another demo card I have made using the stamp that came free with the magazine. A simple layout and adhesive gems added. A quick card.
Born To Shop Ingredients:
Born To Shop Bubbles Paper
Born To Shop Free Stamp with Creativity Magazine

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Penny Black At All Sorts and Saturday Challenge

It has been a while since I have participated in challenges. So here is a card for two challenges. I have lots and lots and lots of Penny Black stamps. One draw which is nearly full of clear stamp sets, and nearly two draws full of Penny Black wooden stamps. At my last count, i nearly have £900 worth of wooden and clear stamps. With the Limited Edition stamps coming out any day and the Christmas collection coming out, I think I may hit the £1000 mark.

I have been thinking that I might run a similar thing like my Forever Friends Sunday where one day in the week I show you a Penny Black card / project.  Hopefully this will encourage me to use up my stash and get my moneys worth. It has worked for me with my Forever Friends theme.

The Challenge at Penny Black At All Sorts is to make a card with the theme Flower Power. The card below has flowers as embellishments. They were white flowers coloured in with the same promarkers as the image. I hope this counts.

Over at Penny Black Saturday Challenge the theme is Desert Island Stamp, which stamp would you take to a Desert Island.  Although the Ginger Stamp from Penny Black is a favourite of mine. I have begun to love this La Soiree stamp from Penny Black. I think today if I was going to a Desert Island I would take this stamp (and try to sneak a few more in my pockets...)
Products used:
Penny Black La Soiree Stamp
My Minds Eye Stella Rose Gertie Papers
CCSR Sentiment Stamp
White Adhesive Pearl Gems

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th July

I wish to send all my wishes and love to those across the pond so to speak in America, and wish them a Happy 4th July.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Forever Friends Sunday Week 15

Welcome to another week of Forever Friends Sunday.

Again as you can see I have grown fond of this little football bear. So here is another card made using this little furry friend. The football boots stamp is from Onion Plays Footie stamp from the Daisy and Dandelion And all their friends range. I have stamped this randomnly all over the paper, coloured it randomnly with blue and red. And stitched the panel on the sewing machine.
Forever Friends Retro Good Life - Sports Stamp
Daisy And Dandelion - Onion Plays Footie Stamp
Blue, White & Red Cardstock
White sewing thread
Sewing Machine
Hemp Cord

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Odds & Soxlets Digital Craft Preview

Hi there, the cute characters which you can purchase as hand made toys will now be available to purchase from 5th July as digital characters for your cards.

Here is a naughty sneak peak below. You will be able to purchase sets or individual characters. To view more details of the launch click here and to keep up to date with all Odds & Soxlets news do visit the official blog here. If you have young children, Erica has created free colouring in pages which I am sure will be a treat to colour in, check it out on the blog.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Born To Shop Demo Card

For the next few Fridays, I will be showing you my Born to Shop Demo cards I created last year. Just shows you how styles change over time. Looking at this now, I perhaps would have added more stitching and embellishments. 
Items used:
Born To Shop Bubbles Decoupage Pack
Born to Shop Shop Til You Drop Stamp
Born To Shop Bubbles Paper Pad
Pink Cardstock
Silicon Glue

EDIT: Thank you for all your get well wishes and concerns. I am up and about, but just ok. Going to nag the doctor today