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Monday, 18 July 2011

Erica Martyn - Branding / Marketing & Web Artwork Design

After being a fan of Erica Martyn and her work. I started to follow her blog. She has now opened up her own online shop here.  I saw that she designed some stunning posters for others. So I commissioned Erica Martyn to design me:
-a poster for my new shops
-a business card
-a profile picture for my facebook page
-a banner for my shops.

And i absolutely LOVE what she has come up with. It is gorgeous. As soon as I am fit and able I will be getting to the printers to print of these designs and start distributing. Do not forget if you would like to commission Erica for anything, or just want to see her portfolio, do visit her blog here

A4 & A5 Poster

Business Card:

Shop Banner:

Facebook Profile Picture:



Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Sarpreet

Lovely designs and very stylist, well done hope this improves your shops, let me know if it works, I might need her help.

Sandra said...

These are great:) Sandra H

-Agnes- said...

They look very professional... Sometimes it's the small details that can lift a shop out of the crowd if you know what I mean. I can even imagine some of these being used in product packaging, for example the shop banner would look lovely as a belly band around a set of cards or a candle in clear giftwrap.

*~řäđĥïķã~* said...

wow!! they look great and so r the born to shop cards u made lately :)