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Monday, 25 July 2011

Close Your Eyes (Picture of my Plaster)

If you are weak, then please look away. It is not a ugly open wound, but today I thought I would share picture of my plaster.
This is version 2 of my plaster. My crutches are next to the bed. The nurse said I could choose any plaster colour I would like. She reeled of a lot of colours, I made her repeat it. I went with Black. At least it was not something like green or red. I was told to bling it up. haha... I suppose they know they get a few miserable people in there, and they try to cheer them up.

When I went to have my plaster done. A kid was on the bed next door, and a broken bone in his leg and was refusing to get the plaster done. So the doctor was bought in to tell him a scare story, and after he heard what could happen. He soon changed his mind. I think that kid was between 10 to 12.

When the nurse came with this electric gadget to cut the plaster, i told her that gadget is making me nervous. But she demonstrated on her hand that the gadget is only designed to cut something hard and not soft. So feeling slightly better, she starting to remove the plaster. However, I still did not dare to move my leg!!!!!!!


Di said...

Hiya - that's a glam. plaster and won't show any mucky marks. A few bits of bling, swirls perhaps, would be good :) Here's to a quick recovery. Get well hugs, Di xx

-Agnes- said...

Oh poor you! You didn't even do anything adventurous to cause this... If you can't make cards with your leg in the air, maybe you can crochet little flowers as embellishments for future cards, or even think up some designs in your head and draft them on a piece of paper, so you don't forget the idea? In any case, get well soon!

annies place said...

You'll have to get some sparkly bits on to dazzle everyone, I only had one once a long time ago & they only did white then, that doesn't mean I want to try a colour LOL, get well soo
Ann x

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Go on stick some diamontes on it!!!!! x Leigh x

Jackie said...

It's great that you can choosed colours now. When my daughter had her leg plastered (well over 30 years ago) they only had white, and when she went to the hospital to have it off she was told off because all her school pals had signed it! How times do change :o)
Jackie xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Sarpreet,

Oh poor you, I hope it mends quickly, but dont rush it let it heal naturally.
take care

Elaine Stark said...

This looks very restricting. You could add a little colour and sparkle. Elaine

Diane's Card Designs said...

Oh you poor thing I hope you get well soon.
Diane hugs :-) xx

Bianca said...

Oh, poore you!!! Take care of you! Hope your leg will be well soon again! xx Bianca