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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Belly Dancing

I must tell you all about a Belly Dancing class I used to go to, I will not name any names but if you are ever interested and want to join any classes, email me and I will be happy to provide you with advise for things to watch out for. 

I joined the Belly Dance class, initially I thought it was super. The best.  I felt I was learning and improving.
In any class, people attend for various reasons whether it is just for a laugh or to learn. Also, you always see other dancers from a personal perspective, things that they are doing right so that you are inspired to be like that or exceed, or you see something that isnt quiet right. That you also can learn from by ensuring that is correct for yourself things like posture or hand positions. In any class, in my opinion people are at different standards. People will learn differently. This is not a criticism. This was encouraged by the teacher, as she got you to perform at the end of the class for feedback. Before I was only concentrating on myself.

This teacher always encouraged regular attendance, as it was not the fair on the others who had been there having to go over the same material. I never missed a class part from holidays. 

I became unhappy in the class. We started choreography for a routine, and we had been on the same part for 6 weeks. Due to poor attendance, or people not remembering. 6 weeks! 6 weeks of money down the drain.  The teacher would do what this one particular person would ask for and people supported because they knew her. I asked her, if she just would perform the next piece so I could take something home to practise. I emailed the teacher to say I would like to move to the advanced class. I feel I would fit in and would enjoy the class more. I had no reply.

So in the next class,  I would like to progess and move to the next class. This was the teachers own idea, as for a while she had been saying that at the start of the year, that she would review and move people across classes. She never did this.  

Her response was that if you are not happy with my class, find another class. And I do not think that you are a good enough dancer to be in the next class! I found this very rude. As a teacher, which she kept callling herself if someone is not happy, its her job to sort it, and not to tell someone they are not good enough and to find another class!

So i did, I left class and did not text her once. Whenever anybody leaves class, she always takes the time to ring or text to see how they are and if anything is ok. I never once received any such contact from her.

In my opinion, even in the advanced class which I always saw the end of - people were at different standards, i.e fast learner, slow learner.  And personally I felt I could fit in the class. This was not a criticism of such, it is fact. Everyone learns differently.

Out of the blue, many months later, she sent me a rude email which she called a polite acknowledgement. It was far from polite. To me there was no need to send an email unless she was going to ask about returning to class, or how I was, etc. Which she never did. The email was presumptious.

So i thought I would be honest with her, as for all the time I was there, she never had regular attendance from anyone and a lot of people missed class. So i thought my honesty would help her.
She came back with a rude response, that I am a teacher, I am in no position to judge others and dictate who goes to which class. (all i said everyone is at different standards and learn differently) And she was not going to stand there whilst I insulted her class students or her class planning! (I never insulted anyone!) Coming from a teacher who for our class, came without any planning and see it how goes style. Started choreography part way through the song, because she had not decided on the rest of the music piece!  Who encouraged feedback, etc. If I am in the audience, paying to see or visit - I will have an opinion and that ia my right.

Hello, where did this come from? As a student and as a person who is paying £5.00 for a class that never started on time, I have every right for an opinion and for input. I never judged any of the dancers, in fact it was this teacher who got us to perform at the end of every class to look at others and for feedback. To see if we could spot what was right or wrong and to learn from it. That is how I was learning and improving! Then to criticise me for it and jump on me for it! She also wanted to increase class prices and cd prices - i know how quick they are to burn and how much you can pay for it.

I found this very rude. What do you think?


scrappyjacky said...

It certainly sounds very rude to me....and not really the way you would expect a teacher to behave.

angeleef said...

I think it was your good right to leave the class.It's like she just had a pick on you. I wouldn't mind the e-mails and just get to another class which you feel better in. It's a hobby, supposed to make you feel GOOD, not bad!
Have a nice day
** Evi **

Alizabethy said...

Yes- terrible customer service, and if she treats everyone like that she will soon end up with an empty class! I'm sure there are better teachers out there who support and encourage their clients.

Kathy said...

I think your teacher is not professional and was in the wrong. I would have been frustrated too!! I hope you can find another class where the teach can appreciate you and your commitment to the class. Hugs,kathy

Lothian Crafts said...

I am surprised she has anybody to teach if she is like that with you. Yes everyone learns at different stages but the point of going to the class was to improve and all you did was tell her that you were not getting anything from the class. Very rude woman. Hugs.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh this sort of thing makes my blood boil. I commend you for always attending but it is difficult for people to attend every class - this is not directed at you just stating it 'cos for me I attend a tap dancing class but at times don't sleep well so can't face getting up early sometimes for the class. But as for the rest of it, the teacher is totally unprofessional. She should always have a plan even if it's only in her head, how exasperating that she made it up as she went along. I once attended a keep fit class like that!! Also though it seems a good idea to have people dance in front of the class at the end for feedback and observation some people would find that extremely distressing. Of course you're correct everyone does learn at a different pace and as a 'teacher' she should be well aware of that; you can't keep a class at the same level all the time. She obviously had favourites in the class which may be human nature but it shouldn't be shown. It's of utmost importance to treat everyone the same. What a pity though that your enjoyment was spoilt and short-lived. It is difficult to work on a routine when attendance is patchy but she should've been able to work round that perhaps by doing small routines which could be put together to make a longer routine. I think you're well out of it and hope it doesn't put you off perhaps looking for another class to enjoy.
Anne xx

Doone said...


welcome to humanity,

a 'teacher' will enable you to grow and will know how to produce growth in all students - dance yourself away from this- find Your Real teacher - this lady is not going to get anything positive out of you ever again...

forgive her hunny...and when you dance remember it Is Your matter how many times or ways you do it, understand your goal....and practice to bring improvement - if you are not improving then you need the critique (like a plant needs water, food and light) for the next growth spurt...and these things need to be delivered at the right time and in the right way...

don't lose sight of what you are learn? or to find a good teacher?

every experience teaches us something

I'd say you've learnt alot and not just about belly dancing....


Carola Bartz said...

This teacher has very low self-confidence and sees everything that looks like "criticism" directed to her as a personal attack. It is not your fault, it is alone her problem. If possible for you, forget about it and move on. You had all the right to leave her class. I have no idea why the heck she sent you this e-mail. She doesn't sound like a good teacher at all!

Ali H said...

Hi - I agree - your hobbies are supposed to be your fun time - not bring more stress & worry ! I had joined a small quilting group when I moved to a completely new area to try to make friends & offered to help organise a couple of the sessions so that people didn't think I was just free-loading ! One of the women on the committee complained about me & it all got very upsetting. I wasn't trying to be bossy just to show willing but her nose was put out of joint. I just stopped going which made me sad & tried to forgive & forget but it still rankles even after 5 years ! So I know what you mean - I think just try to put it out of your mind & now you are doing your own teaching at demos you can draw on the experience in a positive way & be all the things that woman wasn't - go girl !

Kay said...

She is the one with the problem, not you hun. She is rude and unprofessional and, from the sounds of it, doesn't run her class very well. She probably knows deep down that she is in the wrong, but is trying to place the blame on you so she doesn't have to face up to this. If she truly thought you were unreasonable she wouldn't bother with you. Take heed to that last sentence. She is the one who is unreasonable, so move on and leave her to fester, you are better than that.