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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

lcome to another week of WOYWW. This week, I am working on Christmas cards for another upcoming demonstration at Kims Craft in Hinckley, and their new shop in Wigston. For more details of kims craft, click here. First is a picture of my desk as I left it last night, with a finished card and work in progress.
The stuff currently above, is Penelope and Percy stamp set, and decoupage. Yes, that butterfly paper from last week is still on my desk, It will go when I make the card for it!!!!! For those who asked to see the card I did make, scroll down for the previous post and you can see the card I made.

This week I thought I would show you some more of my room, rather than the stuff on my desk. Towards the left of my desk, is my keyboard / piano. Underneath that there is room - so what ends up there is some more craft stuff! It is a three set draw, the bottom draw has papers, the middle draw has wooden stamps, the top draw I have decided will be my demonstration draw. So whatever I am demonstrating, the products and everything I need to use will be in that draw - so in theory I should not forget anything! On top of the draw are candles waiting to be decorated and stickers I use often. (No one from WOYWW will know that the candles have been sitting there for over a year!!!!)

Towards the right of the first picture is another little desk, which I use to coordinate papers and make the cards on as it is right underneath my window it has natural light. It is also handy to put things there whilst drying. At the moment, whilst I decide where to put these stamps, they have found a home there! I have got one step further on my SWALK stamps, I have cut one set out!! Oh well, what are us crafters like!

Happy WOYWW! I hope to visit all of you this week.

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P.S As anyone else having problems getting to Docrafts site? I have been struggling, one moment I am on there and the next I am not. It is like I do not exist.


Spardha said...

wow!.. love all the stash!.. INSPIRED! :))

The Taming of the Glue said...'re so organised! Wish I couldalways be that tidy. Congratulations on winning the Particraft candy, the stamps are gorgeous. I've got both sets and use then a lot.

Wipso said...

You have some really lovely stash to show us today.
A x

Sue said...

Hi ya
oh some lovely stash there to play with, luv the stamps, have great day, sue,x

mckinkle said...

omg are those stamps all yours?! Im amazed today as Ive never seen so many stamps on display on peoples desks as I have today!

Oh I wont ever let my hubby tell me Ive got too much stuff from now on so I thank you wholeheartedly! lol!

Enjoy your woyww!

Keryn x

mckinkle said...

I think I lost my last comment!

I am gobsmacked by the sheer volume of stamps that Ive seen on lots of desks today! It must be something to do with the position of the moon??!!

One good thing is that I wont ever let my hubby get away with saying that Ive got too much stuff so I thank you for that!! lol!

Happy WOYWW!

Keryn x

Mau xx said...

Wow! What a lot of stamps, I thought I had a lot till I saw yours. I Have very few compared to these.
You have a Lovely Blog Sarpreet and I have become a Follower. I hope to get my Blog brought up to date this week,as Losing my Lovely Sister has caused me to neglect it of late.
I will keep popping along to see what you are up to.
Hugs Mau xx

Sid said...

What's Xmas? Fab stuff here !!

kath said...

thanks for sharing what's on your workdesk today and for a little peek around your room...hugs kath xxx

Ali H said...

Hi thanks for sharing your craft room today - and I hought I had masses of stamps - I feel better now !! Great to see your work in progress !

Twiglet said...

Lots of lovely stuff to play with there!!

Cath Wilson said...

Uh-oh! TOO Much space in that stamp drawer, lol - I think you NEED more mounted stamps!! Great to see your workspace though and good luck with the samples. Thanks for sharing.

-Agnes- said...

Had a similar issue with the DoCrafts site - today it finally let me get on, don't ask me why... maybe because I stopped trying to reload the same page but instead opened a new browser window.

Jennifer said...

Lovely stash Sarpreet! Happy, happy mess!! xx Jenny xx

Heather x said...

Great stash pics hun :)
erm more followers? I only have 68 followers and have been on a couple of DT's perhaps the ones you are going for are more picky, try a few different ones :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Violets Corner said...

Love the stash!


Bianca said...

Thanks for let us see a little bit of your stash. It´s allways very interessting. I can´t show such photos because of the fact I have not a workdesk. Perhaps I will get one if my childrens are all moved out - in about 20 years ore so, ha ha! xx Bianca

Phree said...

Oh my goodness, what a huge pile of stamps! Enjoyed having a snoop round your workspace.

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely new goodies Sarpreet, an amazing pile actually. Have fun playing with them!


Julia Dunnit said...

Great idea for the drawer and demo stuff..if you read my blog on days other than Wednesday you may know that I have a notebook and nothing more sophisticated! I wanna see more of the DO crafts stuff you do - you were going to show some of your Born to SHop samplesafter I whinged about them..please don't forget!

TinaB said...

Great space!! Sorry I am so late posting xx I would love you to pop to my blog for a chance to win my candy :0) It's Here

Serendipity Stamping said...

Thanks for the tour or you "studio", lots of fun. Tried to become a follower, but it kept coming up as "site unavailable". Will try again sometime.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like you have plenty of followers. Too bad popularity has to be the criteria for DT status. One would think ability would count instead.

Regardless, I realize I'm late this week, but wanted to stop by and say happy belated WOYWW (on Sunday).

Chrissie said...

Wow! Lots of lovely stash in evidence here Sarpreet. Lucky thing!

Spyder said...

Sorry I missed this, I mean last week, but the pictures wouldn't load and well, I was rushing through as thought I'd get back but of course I forgot where I got to! Love that penny Black stamp, and all your amazing stash! Now going to this weeks post!!