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Sunday, 15 August 2010

WWE Summerslam

Thank you for all the new followers joining my site, I truly appreciate it. I tried to follow your sites too - however when I click on the new followers it only gives me a list of blogs you have joined. If you have become a follower recently - please leave me a message with your blog address, so I can join your blog too.

I have some exciting news coming up soon, I hope to reveal soon once I can get things organised and settled. Until then lips are sealed...

I confess I must be a Wii dumbo. I was on the Wii Board today and I could not understand, when it told me to tap right foot - it said i lifted my left leg. Now, I am not that thick that I can not tell left to right. I looked down to find out I had the Wii board the wrong way down. Be warned! Have the Wii the same way as the righting! Doh!

I have no new cards, as I am urgently preparing for all four demos before I go away on my Wedding and cards for a stall I have coming up soon. However, tonight i will be watching Summerslam. WWE is not the same for me without Shawn Michaels, my all time favourite superstar, who is now retired. I watched his farewell speech again today and I sobbed some more.

I did start to like the madness that is  Jeff Hardy, however he is NOT HBK, and WWE Smackdown is not the same without Jeff. However Jeff is still wrestling in TNA which I am watching now because Jeff is in it.

I hope Triple H returns soon to wrestling. Its rumoured for Undertaker to come back to wrestling one more time, last fued and retire as well later.

I hope Team WWE wins tonight - or they may let the fued go onto until Survivor Series.


sari said...

You & WII...*lol*!!! Hope you have a great night!

Mandy said...

Sarpreet you did make me chuckle about the Wii fit, I bet you aren't the only one lol
hugs Mandy xx

anita said...

Hi Sarpreet, You can view my blog here. Please do visit. I would love to get your comments.

julie said...

Hope you had a good time on the wii Sarpreet? I enjoy looking at your blog! please take a peek at mine and leave a comment.