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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Me To You Saturday Week 15

A very quick post from me to you showcasing you a card I made using the Me To You Winter Wonderland Range. This was also a demonstration card, showing how Kraft cardstock can be nice. It is a variation on a project from the docraft site.
Products used:
Me To You Winter Wonderland Decoupage
Blue Cardstock
Kraft Card blanks


tilly said...

lovely colours and papers, have a good weekend

Alizabethy said...

Love your colour scheme for this card!

pinky said...

Super cute card Sarpreet. I have been making away at my me to you and forever friends cards but never get time to post them;(

coops said...

adorable card sarpreet.the image is so sweet and i love your pretty colours ;D

xx coops xx

Sandra said...

Hi, I'ts really lovely:) Sandra H

Sue Seyer said...

Hiya Sarpreet. It is kind of crazy how much this card says to me, it brought out a flood of motions I did not know I even had, this is the sign of a True Artist. Because it is about deceit, the bare is pretending to be a snow man, and we all do that in some whey don't we, I mean pretend to be some thing that we are not. Like me, I have been pretending to my self that I could be a card maker but I am not, I do not have any talon for it. I have realised that my talon is for college, last week I went to collect my sister from school, I call her my sister but she is really my cousin, it is complicated and she came out with a college on a large peace of paper, you know where they stick things on paper and it is Art? I was inspired. So I went to the store and bought a copy of Us Weekly, it is a magazine, and a map of my town, I did not by that they were just for free on the counter they are full of adverts for local business. There was a big Article on Just In Beep Her so I cut out a big picture of him and stuck it on the map right in the middle. And there were also some little pictures of him, I cut them out too and stuck them in other places where my folks live and friends. And I had been combing my hare and lots of it had come out so I stuck some of that on to, and then I cried all over it. And what it means, it means that Just In Beep Her is in our hearts every where, even though he is not, and that I want to cover him in my hare, and we are sad in our soles. Then my Aunt Jo-Elizabeth called and said WHERE IS TRAVIS (THAT IS MY SISTER)??? And I said oh know, because I had left her in the store. It was OK because we found her, she was still there in the frozen produce. Aunt Jo-Elizabeth is mad at me now, but we all have to suffer for our Art don't we? I hope you are well, how is your leg? Hugs Sue.


Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Sarpreet.

Hugs Riet.xx