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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Plaster came off then...

My plaster came off for only an hour, then it went back on! My bone is showing that is has been healing but not fully healed and it was quiet painful to touch. So the plaster is back on for another 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!! I am really disappointed. However it is for the best. I was previously advised to put no weight on it, now I have been advised to walk a bit more normally on it.

I am totally disappointed and upset. Oh well. I tell you one thing though, when the doctor touched my toes and moved them about - the pain was unbearable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was literally crying.

I did some sulking and crying, had some chocolate, some samosas and milkshake from Macdonalds. Then went home and went to sleep after taking some painkillers.

I was looking forward to it coming off, however at least I got to wash it! I said to the nurse, I know this may sound like an odd request but my leg has been plaster for four weeks, I would like to wash it. I have bought some stuff with me. The nurse was nice enough, she got me some lovely hot water, i used my bath stuff and washed my leg. And the warmness of the water and the bath stuff, made it feel very nice.

I can not afford not to do anymore for my craft, and shop and craft events. So with some help later this weekend, I will be arranging my stuff in the room and so at least I can still get back to card making.

EDIT: Now I am prepared that this plaster may be on for longer, I realise that these days where I have commited myself to making certain cards using products from a certain brand, this may not be possible for much longer. I have some cards I made I can still show you, but I will run out of the cards and my crafting pace is a lot slower.


Erica Martyn said...

I feel for you Sarpreet, I remember feeling like that when I broke my wrist and kept having a new plaster back on every few weeks took 15 weeks in total x hope you manage to get some crafting done and look forward to more projects by you soon for our Odds & Soxlets gallery!

Take care x

Di said...

Aw chick - I was a bit worried that might happen. Chin up, better that it was put back on until you've fully healed. Di xxx

Jackie said...

Oh dear Sarpreet, what a shame. Still, you want it to get better so needs must!
Hugs, Jackie xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Sarpreet,

Now why are you crying think of all the craft you can do for the next few weeks, sometimes bones take a little longer than others, better to have it in plaster than trying to walk on it and make things worse.
take care

Doreen said...

Oh Sarpreet I am so sorry,but it is better to be safe than

Alizabethy said...

Well, the most important things is that your leg gets better - so if takes time, its worth it!

tilly said...

so sorry to hear your leg is healing slowly and is still so painful, just rest and be patient

Sandra said...

I feel so sorry for you knowing that you must of been really excited at the thought of the plaster coming off and then to be told another 3weeks is heart breaking but then if it had come off too soon you it might not of healed properly so it's probably for the best and don't worry about your cards just rest up and let it heal in the right time:) Sandra H

coops said...

oh sarpreet i am sorry.i know how much you were counting on it being removed but if your leg is still not healed then it is for the best.

xx coops xx

melsanford said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear you're not ready to have your plaster off yet. Fingers crossed it won't be long now! love 'n' hugs, Mel xx