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Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Truthful One....

Earlier in the week, I accepted the Lesa's Creative Writer Blogger Award. For accepting this award I had to post 6 lies and one truth, or vice versa. The idea being I had to mislead you either way. To judge my creative writing skills, click here.

The truthful one, although I would love for some of the others to be true, is this statement:
'I just saw two young skinny tall ladies at the airport. Both were nearly 7ft. A child belonging to the couple in front dropped a drink. The two skinny ladies, then went to hand in their luggage, and thought that it was something out of their suitcases. Their suitcases were dry, however they were rubbing their hands like mad like if it was sticky. And i was rolling around in such hard laughter.'

I went to drop my cousins of at the airport, and this really happened at Birmingham International airport. Seriously, they were really skinny and so tall, i said must be 7ft, but they were wearing really big heels. Ok admittingly, 7ft is an exaggeration but they were were definitely at least 6ft and half.  I did want to say it wasnt you who spilled the drink, but the fact what i saw and the way they were, i have only ever seen in films. I could not stop laughing. Sorry!

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