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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Blog Award

I was awarded this lovely yet funny award from Lyndsey Marie and Hells. I have not had time to post it until now.

I must admit at first I did think what I would say. With this award I must post the award on my blog. I then must post 6 outrageous lies about myself and one truth, or the other way around. Then pass the award onto 7 others.

Lets see if you can find the one truthful one..

1. I stalk so much that I have become best friends with David Beckham

2. I regularly dress up in costumes and wander around the street, people look at me funny.

3. I have been married four times, and have 11 children all over the world. However despite having 11 children I am still an amazing size 10. My first husband tried to murder me. My second husband loved me so much I couldnt leave his site for one second. My third... lets not go there. My fourth one is such a darling.

4. I just saw two young skinny tall ladies at the airport. Both were nearly 7ft. A child belonging to the couple in front dropped a drink. They then went to hand in their  luggage, and thought that it was something out of their suitcases. Their suitcases were dry, however they were rubbing their hands like mad like if it was sticky. And i was rolling around in such hard laughter.

5. I always finish the paper packs I buy for my cards. I sell so many cards that I can not make them fast enough.

6. I have travelled all over the world, seen some amazing sites. Done some amazing things.

I will reveal the truthful one this weekend, come back to find out more.

I will pass this award onto 7 others, It was not easy but I was very random in picking these 7.
1. Olga Pope
2. Clare Curd
3. Sparkle
4. Riet
5. Julie
6. Ruth
7. Jennifer


Jessie said...

Hi Sarpreet, I'm guessing number 6 is true?

Hells said...

Thanks for posting thhe award Sarpreet. I am torn between two. Will let you know which I think when I have decided. Helen xx

Jennifer said...

Aww thanks Sarpreet! I will blog it soon when I get time xx Jenny xx