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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Still Frustrated...

I am still frustrated with the site, I have noticed not many upload their projects before and not many are leaving feedback. It is still very slow. I hope that they will fix it soon. I had a real moan on facebook earlier.

However, if i know your blog address I will leave you feedback for your projects there. At the moment, the site is still very slow and it is so long winded to leave feedback and I do not have the time. I am sorry.

I am equally frustratd as people are not seeing that the number of stars in the feedback order has changed, so still scroll down to the last one, which is now the least! I can see that across a lot of members galleries.


Vixx handmade cards said...

Hi Sarpreet,

I am equally frustrated!!, It's very sad that they had to change it.
Hope it will sort itself out soon otherwise I think crafters will stop putting their lovely creations on the site.
take care, Vicky xx - now known as vixxen!! (had to change my name :o( )

Margarets designer cards said...

I could not agree more, its a total mess of a site, I have lost all my private messages and the address of my friendship swap, I feel very stressed and frustrated with do crafts. Margaret

Jennifer said...

I agree the gallery is poop! I am getting used to craft talk now...but nobody knows me now I have a new name & pic!xx Jenny xx