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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sneak Peak

My eye appointment went well yesterday. I had to rest my eyes for 6 hours due to drops they put in my eyes. And even after that it took my eyes half an hour to adjust to everything, the tv screeen, the computer, outdoors. I am booked in to have the treatment, they say I will be in for 2 hours. I had two options, one where they cut it with laser or just laser treatment. I do not care if the lasek, just laser no cutting has longer recovery for 5 days, I am NOT have the cutting one, it sounds vile. He kept asking me are you sure? Yes I am. Even those who I spoke to in the waiting room who had there eyes done last thursday and the same treatment. So I will be disappearing for a week in June, if all goes well. Just need to clear it with work.

Here is another Sneak Peak of a upcoming card for my demonstration which I will reveal after 1st May. Sorry because of my eyes yesterday I completely forgot ro ring the shop, however will try Monday now.
I will be able to take pictures later today of the other cards, and show you more sneak peaks of cards for the next two weeks. I am not too confident with my samples again like last time, and I hope people like my demonstration and buy the stamp sets. I am looking forward to the Penny Black demonstration though, I have lots of ideas.


Paper Pixie said...

Hi Sarpreet just to let you know I have had my eyes done where they cut a corneal flap and know several others who have had it done and it wasn't as bad as it sounds, sounds yuk though. Both eyes are done in minutes and I believe the recovery is quicker , I had it done at 12 and could see by evening, but was advised to rest and wait till morning anyway.

friday feeling said...

Hi Sarpreet, I think you're brave for even considering any sort of eye surgery - just the idea freaks me out! The thought of cutting your eyes ...! Are you wide awake for all of this too?
Nice hint of card again though, I'm trying to imagine the finshed item!