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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My First X Ray Experience

I thought I would share something with you, a bit comical and I had the nurses laughing when I had my first X Ray Experience.

Before I broke the bone in my foot, I never ever had an X Ray or needed an X Ray, and have never broken a bone in my life. The only thing that day I could compare it with was something in the cartoons. Where a strong light and flash occurs - how else are they going to see the bones inside of me? And why else do they do not allow anyone else in the room when an X Ray is taking place.

So I got to the X Ray table and hobbled onto the table. The two nurses helped me up as it was day one with the broken bone. They placed these mats underneath my foot and coin near me, and they were about to go back in the room. I said, sorry I have never ever had an x ray before, do I need to close my eyes or something. They both started laughing and said no. You will not even know when it has been done. And they were right. But were amused. Lol, i told my mum, who was upset that day for me who bursted out laughing and had tears streaming down her face. I said its not funny, how do i know if I never had an X ray before. lol.

I hope this has bought a smile to someones face today!


Jackie said...

I had to have a chuckle too Sarpreet. Love your Xray picture. Of course you are right, how would you know if you've never had one :o)
Jackie xx

Sandra said...

As you said you'd never had an X-Ray before so you wouldn't know what to do! l can imagine those nurses giggling long after you had left nice to share this with us and even nicer to know your mum tears were laughter ones!! and how is your foot now?:) Sandra H

Sarpreet said...

I have to wait til my next appointment before I am able to let you know. It feels so much more better. I have much more movement in there. And i can now put my full weight on it.

It had me giggling afterwards.

Sue Seyer said...

Hiya Sarpreet,

LOL! I laughed until the tiers were streaming down my face. Then I went and fetched my boy friend, he is on welfare right now because he done got chigger bights after he went hunting wearing short pants. I said Jason look at this and he said NO ITS YOUR DAMN CARDS AGAIN, AINT IT? And I said yes, but this is funny! So I sat him down in front of the lap top and he red it and he said LOL and I could sea the tiers streaming down his face. Then I went to get my Mom, I knocked on her bed room door and told her to come out, it was OK. She didn't answer so I knocked again, after a while adjust went in any way, she wasn't there, we still haven't found her.

Love your ex ray card, so funny and cute!

Hugs, Sue

tilly said...

I just hope you remembered to smile for the x-ray lol..... hope it all goes okay

Mibaal Waheed said...

sarpret, what is meaning of "fot" in phrase;
"They placed these mats underneath my fot and coin near me";
i can not find this in my dictionary, sory, my english is bad

Sarpreet said...

you have mistyped it that is why you can not find it - it is foot