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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spread The Word - Tatty Teddy / Me to You WARNING Crafting PRODUCTS

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to many as possible, post this on your blogs. Let the world know. Let's bycott Me To You Products until they agree an angel policy. 

I feel that Docrafts have missold tatty teddies, stating that there is an angel policy on the products. This implies you can sell your cards using their products. However when you visit docrafts - it states that the policy is pending.

However read this post here.Further along in the post - Becky from docrafts confirms there the angel policy is currently being discussed.

You can NOT therefore currently sell your cards using their products. Docrafts should not have sold them without agreeing the Angel Policy first and then making customers aware of it BEFORE purchase. To say I am not happy, is an understatement. I have spent a considerate amount of pennies on this range.
I will wait the outcome of the angel policy. I still luckily have my receipts, and all unused items I will return if the outcome is you can not sell your cards.


Rosietoes said...

Thank you for the warning Sarpreet. This is news to me, thankfully I haven't invested much having only bought one rather tiny stamp to date. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the progress of their discussions.

Edna x

Alizabethy said...

Thanks for letting up know - this is worrying, not because I sell them, but I make a lot of cards for charities to sell.


Hi Sarpreet
Thankyou for the warning will be keeping an eye on this ,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Paper Pixie Handmade Cards said...

Thanks for the info Sarpreet, will hold fire just now then K x

Sally Morgan said...

:( naughty, naughty! I don't think I'll even get any when the policy is in place, really shocking!
Thanks for the heads up Sarpreet
*hugs* Sal x

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Totally agree with you have not any of their product (at least dont think so!!) but certainly wont get any if that is what they do!! Shaz in oz.x

scrappyjacky said...

Thanks for this,Sarpreet.....I had no idea.

Christine said...

Wow can of worms been opened here, VERY interesting reading on DC lots of info.. on a lighter note fancy lil ole you being a threat to such a well known comp..LOL I hope lots of crafters stay well clear of these products &&& DC get their finger out & sort this out FAST..
otherwise they will loose sales big time.

smiles Christine xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Sarpreet,

Thanks for telling us, how naughty of them to make a product and then say they have not decided an angel policy, I suppose they are waiting to see how many of us buy there products and then say we cannot sell our cards. definiately one to watch. thanks

melsanford said...

Oh - thanks for letting me know! I just bought oodles of their stuff yesterday! I don't usually sell my cards - just make them for family or friends, but it's handy to know for the future! Please keep us informed xx