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Friday, 11 March 2011

Tesco Update

Here is my next instalment on the update of tesco. The slabs on the edge of the building for the car parks have now all gone. And the middle of the building has gone. Both ends are still in one piece.

On the left hand side of the picture you can see the front part of the building and on the far side, the remaining part of the building. Then on the left, you can see the back end of the building. The whole chunk in the middle has gone!

The rubble in the middle - is all wirey / stringy.

A closer up shot of the remaining bulidng on the far right hand side.

A picture of part of the car park I can only assume. The glass has been broken on one of the windows.

Here is a picture of the outdoor car park - still pretty much standing not much work done there. But at night when all the workmen have gone all their diggers sit in this area.
If you are walking past the building this morning, or driving. Becareful you and you car will get sprayed on and get dirty. They are wetting the concrete down and blowing, to stop the dust on the side buildings / houses / cars getting dirty. Well Tesco are doing their best - but I am afraid there is dirt everywhere! And not a lot of people happy. Even our building has suffered from cracks from all the thudding and falling of the bricks and building.

A picture of the front of the building:

Later on in the day when I do drive past at night, I expect the majority of the front to be gone. I hope to get some action shots. With it all happening. I am very excited. I was getting some funny looks from people as I was taking pictures. And? I want to keep memories. Because when my children are born, they will have never seen this.


Sally Bration said...

Great pic, hun! Wud luv to see this as a card design! Huggss Sal

Diane's Card Designs said...

Tesco is well and truly getting demolished lol. I remember going there years ago.
Hope you found your way to Lyndsey's shop.
Have a lovely weekend!
Diane xx

tilly said...

bet it's stunning when the re-vamp is finished lol
Tilly x

Margarets designer cards said...

Its amazing how fast they can demolish a building, in years to come no one will remember what was there, your photos will be a record for the next generation, and historians