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Monday, 7 March 2011


Today I thought I would share with you what is happening in my local area. We have a Tesco store, quiet a big store that has been there for years and has taken a bit of a beating. The car park is very old and parts not so modern, and safe looking.

About a further 10 minute drive there is a huge tesco. The plan was when this big tesco at the Ricoh Arena opened, our local tesco was going to close. However despite the huge tesco, this Tesco store was too profitable to let go. So Tesco's have invested in demolishing the store, buying the surrounding store and building a bigger tesco here in our old little town.

That was all exciting, apart from the fact I work over the road. And when they started knocking the slabs down, the huge thuds it was making was shaking our building. It was not easy sitting there and quiet disturbing. So disturbing I had to go and take pictures.


This is the point where we here these huge slabs falling. The first unexpected one was very disturbing, as you did not know what it was.

Will show you more up to date pictures soon as it is demolished in stages. Its difficult to get pictures of the other side of the building as it is a road with no where to park.

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Margarets designer cards said...

They are always building these stores every where, I am sure as they already have a large store nearby they could do something better with the land than build another tesco. A nice shopping area of little shops?