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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Friend Award

I have been given this beautiful Friend Award from the lovely Sam, her blog is here:

The next task is to pass this onto 5 others. I would like to pass this onto:

1. Lyndsey Marie

2. Sue Lesley

3. Olga Pope

4. Susie

5. Tina Richardson


Susie Sugar said...

Hi Sarpreet thank you for leaving your lovely comments on my blog and thank you for the award I hope I got it right I see my name but the blog link is not mine ... hope I haven't taken something that not meant for me that would just be like me to make a mistake and get in a muddle !!! lol
Love Susie xx

Susie Sugar said...

Thank you sarpreet I didn't want to take it if it wasn't for me !! lol you are a star for thinking of me thank you I will blog it with pride thank you xx
Love & Hugs Susie xx