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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Crafting Wish List

I do not know if I am alone in this, but as a crafter I always wish if I had this product or wish I could buy that one. However after spending £100 on crafting stuff from the new launch and other products, can not really justify spending anymore money. But here is my crafting wish list:
1) Tilda Stamps
2) Penny Black Stamps
3) Greeting Farm Stamp - that princess anya stamp is beautiful

I would love to have stamps from any of these brands, but can not afford so.

A couple of people asked me how my craft stall went in Feb. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the stall as my car broke down on the way, and in one way i was greatful as on the radio I heard of fatal accidents on the route I was going to take to get to Stratford. This was at the time of all the constant snow.

However by the time i was assisted on road side and my car was fixed, by the time I would have arrived there, it would have nearly been over. So there was no point in going. I was disappointed as I was going to raise funds for Cancer Research. However I am sure there will be other craft fayres coming soon, which I will look forward to and other opportunities to raise funds!


Kirsten Alicia said...

I have a wish list too, it gets longer every day! Sorry you missed the craft fair, but I'm sure there will be others. Good luck with the fundraising.

Shelly said...

Hi Sarpreet!
Just popped by to say hi when I saw on your o Crafts gellery that you'd set up a blog! Congratulations, it looks fab! As for wishing for stuff I'm the same, I confess! I have quite a few PB and Tilda stamps, but you always NEED more stuff! I daren't even add up what I've spent on craft stuff so far (YIKES)! Hope all is well with your car now, sorry about the craft fair, better luck next time! Fell free to pop by my blog to say hi xx

Sue said...

Yep, me too! Only thing is, every time I cross something on the wish list, I add more to it. Sorry you didn't make it to the Craft Fair, such bad luck. Better luck next time.x

Tab said...

Hey Sarpeet! Welcome to blog land honey! Its very addictive, you know LOL, but great fun I love it. Well I shall look forward to seeing more of your creations soon. Good luck with the wish list, I don't write one anymore, cos it would be massive LOL.
Hugs Tab xxx

gina g said...

Hiya Sarpeet so you have a blog now too lol, will keep an eye out now to see what your up to lol. gina xx