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Friday, 6 January 2012

Thank you...

I just wanted to make a short post to say, thank you to everyone for all their kind words and leaving me such encouraging and supportive comments. You are all so kind and so nice, crafting world is filled and blessed with such amazing talented people. Thank you for popping onto my blog out of so many. Much appreciate it folks

I continued to craft, as I felt I had nothing else. My work, gave me great pleasure.

One news I did leave out of yesterdays post was that in the late part of 2011, but thinking about it I should share my experience as it may save someone else's life. When I thought things could not get worse, my cousin was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She is undergoing treatment, and has been such a fighter. You would not know looking at her, she has this awful disease.  I am really proud of her, she has been really positive. If you have time and are able to, do support Macmillan Cancer Charity. 

I just would like to emphasise to you all, if you have regular headaches and the doctor diagnoses migraines. Please do keep persistent with the doctors, and even if the tablets do work, and you feel better. Do not take any risks - get at least an x ray and a MRI scan done. Lie to the doctor if you need to. This will most likely reveal nothing, be safe. Rather than leaving it too late. Cancer is a nasty disease, the sooner it is caught the better.  The sooner it is caught the better.


Isabel said...

Hi Sarpeet, I had a massive brain tumour 11 years ago. have been in and out of hospital a few times since, but hopefully I'm ok now. x

Paper Pixie Handmade Cards said...

So sorry to hear of your cousin and the difficult year you have had its not easy dealing with so many lows at once, hopefully 2012 will bring better things for you Sarpreet and for your cousin, I find my crafting is a nice escape from the stresses of life, wishing you good health and happiness for you and yours for 2012 K xx

Sandra said...

Hi Sarpreet, You really have been put through the mill this last year and now your cousin being dianosed with a brain tumour wouldn't have eased your pain, having started the treatment hopefully this will clear and she will once again be in good health and 100% better and as you know it will take time and it's not going to be easy but you know you have lots of lovely blogging friends to turn to who are only to happy to read how your feeling and if we can help in any way you know we will take care:) Sandra H

Little K Smith said...

Oh Sarpreet, I'm so sorry that 2011 has been such a horrid time for you. Keep your chin up, things can only get better. Having been through a tough time myself I've found crafting to be a great therapy, so keep on with your fabulous work. Sending prayers for your cousin and take care of yourself.
All the best for 2012, may it bring lots luck your way :)

Christine said...

We all have to thank our lucky stars for our so sorry for your cousin but with the love & support of her family I wish her a speedy recovery. I am a survivor of BC & support Mc millan by donating some of my cards..I took 150 to my local hospital in Nov. that took care of me when I needed them..

God bless
smiles Christine x

coops said...

i`m so sorry to hear about your cousin sarpreet.i am sending her lots of strength.cancer is so nasty and i`ve lost too many dear relatives to it so i am a huge supporter of the douglas macmillan charity.

xx coops xx

melsanford said...

Oh Sarpreet... I do hope that your cousin is responding well to treatment and makes a good recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family. Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx