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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Odds & Soxlets

Its been a while, since I have shown any creations for Odds & Soxlets Collection post. Please accept my apologies.

I needed a break from all things craft and in life in general. I have not crafted in a while, but kept my blog active and keep posting cards I made a while ago and never made it to this blog. But I am now getting back into the swing of things.

I am really enjoying card making again. Its not how many I can make in a day to sell, but just to enjoy the whole card making process from start to finish. Also, I am getting wise with my money and no longer feel the need to buy everything new. Simply because I have so many stuff unused.

I may enjoy my friend over at her Wishcraft blog, on her waste not wednesdays. Where you share a card for fun, using an item out of your stash that has not been used, a stamp or paper! Which is what I have been trying to do with my Forever Friends, Me To You and Penny Black days. However I have been focusing on brands. The Waste Not Wednesdays is a great idea, as I have other brand stamps that I have not used and will find myself participating in this.

I wanted to quickly come online here and tell you about the new free digi over at Odds & Soxlets. It is so adorable. Also, scroll to the bottom and you will see two new digi stamps. They are called Lilliana & Pickalillie. They are gorgeous, and to be honest the two new digi stamps got my creative juices flowing again. Also got my crafting bug back, where I do want to spend money! I coudn't resist them as soon as I saw them. Pop on over and have a look. I will be back shortly with a couple of cards I have made with this new range. However digi stamps take up no room in your craft room, and you can print as many as you need. No inking, just simply print! And it is so affordable. You are not stuck with a whole stamp set, where you will perhaps only use a stamp or two out of the set. Simply select what you want, and thats it.

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Erica Martyn said...

Thank you for the post Sarpreet I think blogger has been playing up with images as there are none attached to this post :-(