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Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday Blues

I am happy that Hayley won Dancing On Ice, she was fabulous and truly deserved it.

However, as a huge fan of WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment I am a biggest fan of a wrestler in particular he is HBK Mr Wrestlemania. The headliner. The showstopper. Certainly delivered an amazing performance and retired on the grandest stage of them all on the biggest show of them all in the wrestling calendar - Wrestlemania. HBK I will truly miss you, thank you so much for all the entertainment and everything you have done for all the wrestling fans over the years. THANK YOU. I have watched wrestling since i was 6 and now i am 28. I watched HBK the first day he walked, well ran to the WWE as part of a tag team called the rockers. There have been some great memorable moments and funny moments to. I really hope he is on Raw tonight and he gets the proper send off like Ric Flair did.

So whilst I feeling happy I feel sad. Half of me expected HBK to retire, the other half was say it isnt so. And when he lost and therefore was retired as per the match stipulation. I did cry and cried whilst he walked up the ramp. Trouble is i did prepare myself for it chocolate, etc, but his match was last and i ran out of chocolate by then!

Oh no - All blogs have lost their pictures - I really hope this one fixes itself! I lost my counter recently had to restart that one to.

EDIT: So relieved the blog pictures have returned.


Sparkle said...

The Ultimate Warrior was always my favorite, though most were Hulk Hogan fans, lol. My dad took me to see them live when I was kid. But nowadays it's too cheesey for me. :) And Rick Flair really just needs to be gone.

katiebooxx said...

i liked the ultimate warrior too, but my favorite was the undertaker with paul bearer! excellant stuff! my running a blog candy at my blog to win a utee pendant! here is the link.

CraftyC said...

I've something on my blog, hope it cheers you up!