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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing

Tonight will be the semi final for Strictly Come Dancing, it is surely a tough one. Chris, Ricky and Ali. No one is safe. There is no dance off and only the top two will go through based on the public vote and the judge's score. It just shows that Ricky was amazing last week near perfection, at the top of the leader board, and still ended up being in the bottom two!

It is a dance competition, and i really hope on that basis that Ali and Ricky are in the final, people need to vote on that basis. That final would be absolutely amazing, mind blowing. If it is ali and chris - i think it will be all two predictable and Ali will take the glitter ball.

These shows this year have ended up being more of a popularity contest. I dont know what it is this year, but if you are good at it and do well, people conceive you to be cocky. If you got the talent, you perform it. I really dont think any of the contestants are.

I hope the judges do not slate anyone, because that will make the public go awww... and vote for them.

So VOTE VOTE VOTE, i will be voting for Ricky, his amazing talent, (and i think he is mighty fine!) and i hope the public base their votes on talent not popularity.

EDIT: I think Len said it right there would be no justice if Ricky is not in the final, number for Ricky is 09015 22 23 15 and the lines are now open.

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Paper Pixie said...

Hi Sarpreet i am an x Factor fan but I hope your favourit wins Strictly also wanted to let you know I have left you an award on my blog so when you get the chance pop over to collect it ............K x ps thanks for all your lovely comments on my cards