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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Another Award

I have received another award from Karen, aka Paper Pixie. I am being spoilt. Thank you Karen. I truly appreciate it and that people actually do visit my blog and look at my work.

There are some rules for this award, which are as follows:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Copy the award to your blog
3) A Link to the person to whom you received the award from
4) Share 7 interesting things about yourself
5) Nominate 7 other bloggers
6) Link the 7 people who you are giving this award to
7) Leave messages on their blog to let them know about this award.

7 Interesting things about yourself:
1) I am a naturally shy person, but recently it has been pointed out to me with comments that this is being perceived by others as being stuck up and that my attitude is that I dont care. This hurts! To those who know me and care for me, I am none of those things. I am caring, loyal and I do care. Just shows do not judge a book by their cover. Those who are confident in what they do and in their ability - are perceived as cocky? There is no middleground, no win situation here i believe.

2) My horoscope is a Scorpio, I believe i am a typical Scorpio. Loyal. Passionate, etc.

3) I recently became engaged on 4th November to Amandeep. We are set to be married in October 2010.

4) I love to cook and try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen.

5) We celebrated my 21st Birthday in a restaurant with close family and friends.

6) I am an advid photographer, i have done professional photography for weddings and I am always the one at parties with the camera.

7) I love listening to music whilst crafting, My favourite band of all time since i was a teen and are still are now the Backstreet Boys. I am currently listening to Bigger from their new album, This is Us. Amazing vocals, amazing lyrics. No disrespect, i find a lot of songs of today have no content in their songs and just power house it to make the song credible. I was devastated by the loss of Michael Jackson, but i think it took the world to realise the gem he was by his death.

Boy, that was really hard to write the above.

The 7 people I nominate, move your mouse over their name and click on their name to go their lovely blogs:
Clare Curd - She inspires me with her card making skills and ability. I am constantly learning from here, she works full time as a crafter with docrafts and has her own range of products too.

Sue Lesley - Her ideas, her layouts are unique. I am inspired by her.

Kim Dellow - Her unique card making skills are superb.

Tabby Craft Designs - Her colouring, her layout, and she certainly embellises her cards well without going over the top. She makes best use of her sewing maching on all her cards, whereas i do faux stitching.

Olga Pope - As a unique card making style and is amazing. She makes good use of her resources.

Lyndsey Marie - I love her cards, they are inspirational. She can combine her papers with stamps beautifully. She contributes to many magazines, runs craft classes of her own, and now owns her own craft shop. She has two beautiful children.

June - Love her super cards, her combinations are amazing.

P.S Yes Ricky made it to the final, and Ali is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope Ricky wins now. I would have loved the final between Ricky and Ali, that would have been amazing and mind blowing.

1 comment:

Kim Dellow said...

Hey Sarpreet, Fabulous 7 facts! Another tough award LOL! You are so right about number one on your list - in that there is no middle ground. I know exactly what you mean about being shy and coming across as above everyone else - you just can't win LOL! Big Congrats on Number three! Bet you can not wait!
Well thanks for thinking of me to pass this on to. You just say the nicest things! Think I'm too shy to think of 7 things though. LOL!