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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Poor Service From Docrafts / Design Objectives

I am utterly shocked at the service i am receiving, you would think a company who has made the mistake once would learn from it, but they dont. They do not learn and keep making the same mistake again and again.

I ordered goods from the docraft previously, some sale stamps. I had all the stamps arrive, apart from one which appeared that when someone opened the box whilst picking had damaged the stamp. Then tried to cover it up by putting paper on the top and still sticking it in my box to be posted. On receipt of this. I sent docrafts an email with pictures. Replacements were sent out immediately, but did not get an apology or anything. They were not interested in who had picked the order or showed me that they made any attempt to resolve the issue. I also had ordered papers in this order, which also arrived damaged. Being just a corner, you can work around that. I did not complaint about that.

however on my recent order, why should I be surprised that they messed it up again. the papers were damaged, bent, and distressed. I have been overcharged on postage, at first they denied it and now they admit it is true. They will not issue the refund. They dont check their facts before emailing you with utter rubbish. They packed paper in a cardboard box with paper stuffing. Hello, how can shredding cardboard protect paper. they both have the same qualities - bendable, therefore damagable! Other companies where i have ordered paper from - at least there stuff is packed in stern stuff!

My advise to you if you choose to buy docrafts products is to buy them of reputable sites where you will get the correct order and that they are not damaged! Sites like:

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