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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bad News

My mums friend was, well is pregnant. Her water burst Saturday, they were scheduled to due to the C Section Sunday because of this. Then they said no, because it was a sunday and not an emergency. They said bring her in on Monday. Two hours before she was scheduled to go in, she went into labour. The baby has made little movement to the position it needs to be, in order to be pushed out. Now unfortunately, things have gone worse, baby has probably now got an infection and its heart beat is not good either now.

They said they will do a c section, but here this for incompetency.

The nurse said you are not important enough, the doctor will decide when ready what to do and there are other important cases! WTF! sorry, if the baby heartbeat is now not good, WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY CALL AN EMERGENCY, THEN! Neither mum or baby is doing good.

I have been told as soon as the water broke, the baby is not safe to be inside, and they should have done something sooner. I will seriously kick up a fuss. I am just praying and hoping that they both will get through this.

UPDATE: The baby's heart beat dropped further, and they have finally taken her in for a ceasarian.

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Avril Ann said...

Sarpreet how awful. I hope and pray that everything will go okay and mother and baby wll be fine...Hugs to you all. Avril xx