Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I would love for you to either leave a comment or follow my blog and then I can come and see your work and leave comments for you too.

Monday 10 September 2012

Me again

Hi there,

Good Morning to you all.

I did not think that it would be this long until I was able to come online and post. I have been sort of getting the ideas of making cards and have been sorting out my craft space so that I am able to make cards. I have been popping around blogs, seeing what all my lovely blogging buddies have been up to and seeing all your georgous creations.

I still miss my mum and I always will. I remember at the hospital when my mum went for some hemodialysis treatment and whilst they were connecting her up, I was waiting in the waiting room area. The news was on the tv, and they were talking about coping with death from those who are in the army. This wife said, that she took a day at a time, and it is not just the first birthday / anniversary / christmas you get over, it is the second. It isn't something you get over, or something that it becomes easier to deal with, and over time it becomes like a badge that becomes more bearable to wear.  I guess I have to go through that, as this coming Saturday will be what would have been my mother's birthday. Followed by the weekend after being the 5th month anniversary since my mother passed away.

All I want to do is carry on, be strong, be happy and make my mum proud and exceed her expectations of me.

I really shouldn't make my blog all doom and gloom, but this is how I really feel. I hope that now I made a purchase of some new memento ink pads, had some experiments that I will be able to produce something soon that will be worth showing.

This weekend Strictly Come Dancing is back on TV, lets see who the contestants of this series will be.

On another note, have you been watching the X Factor? Oh my, there have been some surprisingly good contestants, and some not so good. And that Britney impersonator who had been on Britains Got Talent previously, was on Sundays show. ITV really shouldnt have shown her on TV, because that is all she wanted to be on there for was some time on the TV. I am glad Gary did a runner and escaped her.

Thursday 26 July 2012


hi folks,

It has been a long while since I have had the heart to come here and make a post. It has certainly been a very tough and testing time for me. I still have all my crafting stuff, and have not yet given up on blogging on this lovely world of crafty folk.

I am certainly still going through the works and having family support is great. But none of it is the same as your own mum, with that unconditional love and support.

I have more to go through yet, as we will be scattering ashes soon and an inquest to get through over the death of my mum.

I can not promise any regular posts from me, or cards from me. I have not made a card since my mother passed away. And my cards that I did start in April, are still sitting in my crafting space waiting to be finished.

But I thought today I would come on and say hello, whilst I try to get used to this world without my mother and get through these difficult days.

With love

Friday 27 April 2012


Thank you for all your kind support and wishes.

Some of you may have read on my facebook page, but I wanted to come here and let everyone know that my mother passed away on Monday 23rd April 2012 at 16:20.

Friday 13 April 2012


Please accept my apologies for the lack of posting. It has been really hectic and busy here.

My mum is currently in hospital. Her condition has worsened. So with the operation tomorrow things will get better. My heart is absolutely not in anything. And I do not think I will post a while on this blog, until my mum has made a full recovery.

Monday 26 March 2012

Me To You Card 27

Hi instead of the doom and gloom that has been my blog, I thought I would share a card today and when I am able to make some. Since I still have bought some items, but have not had a chance to use them. So need to start making cards again even if it is for my own sanity.

Here is an Easter Card today, I am not sure what I think of this, maybe some more flowers and stitching and I will be happy.

Saturday 24 March 2012

hi all

Thank you for all your lovely comments and wishes. I much appreciate it.

It has been a while since I have posted and I never meant to leave it so long.

I am touched by all your comments and support, whilst I take this break and since all of you have been so kind to leave me comments. I thought I would drop you a quick note just to say hello and give you an update on my mum.

The angioplasty has been successful, but the circulation in her foot has not improved her much, and her skin is not so good on her foot. And for those reasons she continue to be in a pain. She has been put forward again for her heart bypass surgery, however for that she will need the heart and kidney doctors approval before they proceed. So more worrying days ahead. I continue to pray for my mum

Thursday 8 March 2012

hi all

I just wanted to update you on my mum. She is currently in hospital. They thought her blood circulation was not good in her leg, after angioplasty. However, intial reports from the scan look good we are waiting for the doctor. Also, as a result of poor circulation she has developed blackness in her big toe, and the finger next to it. The doctor is saying that if in a couple of weeks if it does not dry naturally and start to peel off. They will have to take action.  I have faith and hope that she will make a full recovery without the need of the alternative.

I am praying for a full speedy recovery, her blood circulation is much improved and the blackness on her toes go away naturally without my mum suffering any more pain. I hope you join me.

Tuesday 6 March 2012


Thank you for all your lovely comments. It just goes to prove that crafty folk are the best folk around. I used to have time to blog, catch up on your blog, post my cards on docrafts, leave comments on their cards there. Exercise, eat well, and make cards. Now I can manage none of them.

Things have not yet much improved, I thought the break would help and it has. My mum is currently in hospital, so sending lots of love hugs and prayers to her. So hopefully soon, things will look up for me.

Monday 20 February 2012


I have every intention to post, but life as a funny way of getting in the way. My life is really busy at the moment and will continue to be so into the near future. Whilst I try to get myself organised, I will try and continue posting as much as I can and carry on trying to digest lifes obstacles, bad news, I will do my best in between to carry on posting as and when I can.

In the meanwhile, I will not be doing my Me To You Saturdays, Forever Friends Sunday or Penny Black Mondays until I am able to do. I used to be making 12 cards easily in a week. At the moment, I am lucky if I am able to make one.

Wednesday 15 February 2012


Hi there, it's been a long while since I have participated in WOYWW and I have missed it. I have not just had the time to join in. So I have returned for this week. Not sure, how many weeks I will be doing this, but I will try more often from now to join in. It was sure fun having a noise at other peoples blog.

The first pic is my actual workspace. As you can see i have done some Card Patchwork and zig zag stitching. These I will be using for the weekend for Me To You and Forever Friends Cards. The only thing left to decide is which image I will use out of the many I already own!

As you can see I have a distress ink on my desktop with an applicator. I have since last spoken to you all, fallen in love with these. I have used it to do the sky in the digi image, which is my new love digi images. No stamping, no ink pads, no mess and no storage issues. This one is called Pickalillie, and I got mine from here

The second picture I just wanted to show my collection of Distress Ink Pads, i have more which I can no longer fit on this shelf so I have to think of a new storage solution - any ideas?

Catch up with you soon, I will try to get around to as many blogs as I can. Take Care folks.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Valentines Day Love Bird Auction

To celebrate St Valentines and this day of love, Erica has especially made the cutest sock owl large keyring/bag charm to be auctioned off over the next 24 hours. Made with 100% love, this sock owl has been handmade by Erica Martyn with gorgeous red socks with pink and white hearts. Click here for more information. See the cute picture below.

Monday 13 February 2012

Penny Black Monday Week 25

Hi guys, welcome to Week 25 of Penny Black Mondays. A quarter of a century, wow. If you are like me and have unused stamps that you wish to use and get your moneys worth. Feel free to join me, and leave me a message. I will link back to your blog.

This weeks card, although looks simple took a lot of effort. Each heart has been 3d with use of Creative Expressions Pearlescent PVA Glue, then 3D Glossy Accents on top to make them pop! I really enjoyed this card, and inspiration came from the Design Team, in particular Jill. I hope she likes this card to.

I have been a really bad blogger, I planned to get to all of your lovely blogs last week, but orders took up my time. After finishing a days work at the office, then doing a days work at home, and then orders I was so tired to make a card for me or blog. But hopefully things are back to normal this week.

I would like to enter this card into:
Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Love & Kisses
All Sorts Challenge - Free & Easy Challenge
By The Cute and Girly Challenge - Love Is In The Air
Paper Take Weekly Challenge - Anything Goes with the optional extra to add a heart or a love theme
Truly Scrumptious - Love & hearts
Products used:
Penny Black Raindrops and Kisses Stamp
Penny Black All You Need Stamp
Red Cardstock
White Embossing Powder
Perfect Medium Ink Pad

Sunday 12 February 2012

No Forever Friends Sunday or Me To You Saturday This Week

Hi there, this week there will be no Me To You Saturday or Forever Friends Sunday, I have been really busy with Ebay and keeping up with orders, I have not had much time for anything else. When I have been finished with orders, i have no energy for anything else. One morning, I completely forgot to have breakfast and only realised later when I felt so light headed and sick.

There will be a Penny Black Monday tomorrow, stay tuned, and business will be returned to normal next week.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

New Year Giveaway

Win yourself a FREE sock creation by Erica Martyn by popping over to her New Year Giveaway on the 'Odds & Soxlets' blog by clicking here

Monday 6 February 2012

Penny Black Monday Week 24

I had my physiotherapy appointment earlier in the day, and it was sure hard work! Not what I expected. A good looking bloke touching me - that did not happen to me folks. But I wish it had, it may have made the pain worth it!

Anyways, onto todays card which is again from Penny Black Make A Wish Stamp set combined with Basic Grey Kioshi Paper Pad.

Make A Wish... I wish for a good looking bloke to be at my next physiotherapy appointment! woohoo... Can my wish be granted.
Products used:
Penny Black Make A Wish Stamp Set
Basic Grey Kioshi Paper
Personal Impressions - Swirl Stamp Set
X Cut Leaf punch